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*looks Hungrily Over Delicious Crowd*


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Drakelord submitted a new Article:

*looks Hungrily Over Delicious Crowd*

*looks hungrily over delicious crowd*​

Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
Sarah Paumera: Second in Command
Sarah Paumera: Good evening, everyone. *smiles at everyone*
Magnus Grey: Hello all. Any news to report?

Damia Terra: I have no news at this time
Malag aste: Vendui' Magnus
Kittie: *nods*

Duncan: No news but a question....Ever get around to testin' whatever that ore was they were pullin' out of the Mount Kendal mines?
Magnus Grey: Ah yes, I believe so. *pulls out a bunch of notes* James explained it to me.

Duncan: And?
Magnus Grey: The ore contained blackrock, Caddellite, and...
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