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Looking for Shadowguard partner


Hi Europa Community,

I am an experienced Tamer/Weaver and I am looking for a regular Shadowguard partner targeting at least 1 run per evening.

My skills (including items) are as follows:
Magery 100
Meditation 120
Spellweaving 120
Taming 120
Animal Lore 120
Veterinary 110
Focus 50

I am running in a very strong set of items and can swap to a max luck suit before kill of last boss (2530 Luck and even higher with Luck Statue/Sphinx Buff).
As pet I am using a strong disco/AI Cu as well as a strong GD for Belfry.
I have lots of experience in SG as I used to do it on a regular basis before I had a break of UO.
I recently activated my account again about 1 month ago and did some random practice runs, which worked totally fine. But I like to do it on a more regular basis again.

If anyone is interested, give me a shout!

Best regards,