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Looking for old Black Company Members


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
As we all had our families and gravitated to the new eye candy I've always missed UO. So much time spent and wasted but many friendships formed. No game compares to the experience we had in UO. The thrill, countless fights, champ spawns, and overall chaos. i wish some developer would implement the same rules on a new platform. Any old BC/B^C/B*C members playing still?

A game like this is perfect for those of us annoyed with current games and finding a few hours to waste while the wife is out.

Skrylox/Robin Hood/etc.....
This is Legend, the original one from Black Company. I remember your name. I also had a their named Harmony. Another mage named Legend. Wrath of God was my tanee and Wrath of Satan, incant remember what he was!

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