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[Buying] Looking for items


Slightly Crazed
#1 So I am looking for as many blacksmith, and tailor bids as I can get my hands on. I am trying to keep bod rewards filled on my vendors for the shard but am running out of bids to fill and turn in for more. I am willing to buy them in bulk as well. I will take other bids but haven’t tested the market on them to see what rewards I can get that are worth filling.
#2 I am also looking for prospector tools, sturdy shovels & picks as well as gargoyle picks.
#3 also dull copper, shadow, agapite, verite Ingots or ore.
#4 one tile soul forge.
#5 all leather types.
#6 a ton of necro regs
#7 a ton of daemon bones
#8 anything you may be interested in selling as well

Please help me spend my gold so I can keep supplying the server with items needed on the server.

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