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(Question) Looking for help finding EM items


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Hail! :)

For a couple of years now, I've been trying to find every EM item ever (plus seer items, when I can find any), collecting the hue and other data for them. Hopefully, all that data will soon be used to build a wiki of EM items here at Stratics. BUT! There's still around 600 items I have not yet found, which is where I could use your help. I'm not looking to buy these items; I just am looking for anywhere that I can *see* the items. So if you know where any of these can be found, or who the owner is (if it's not publicly visible), please let me know! Many thanks!


  • A Frog Corpse Paralyzed By An Orochi
  • Attack Plans
  • Candle Of The Legendary Hero
  • {char name}, Sergeant Of The Vigilante Of Silver Serpent
  • I am Emma.
  • Inavlis's Burchete
  • Magical Blue Flask {type 2}
  • Magical Blue Flask {type 3}
  • Magical Yellow Beaker {type 1}
  • Magical Yellow Beaker {type 2}
  • Mesanna Minion
  • Observations of Shards (Japanese translation version)
  • Observations of Shards (original version)
  • Principles of Economics
  • Proof Of Honor
  • Raging Pig's Head
  • Shield And Robe
  • Skelton Of IDOC Hunter
  • Skull Of The Legendary Dragon
  • Skull Pole Of The Rare Collectors
  • Spike Of The Newbie Bones
  • The Black Compendium
  • Totem Of The Man