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[Buying] Looking for a vendor location


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Hello -

I'm trying to sell off a lot of my long pack-ratted rare and odd collectible items from the last 20 years and would like to place a vendor where I can put things on sale. Most of my items aren't super valuable EM items, but more like old holiday items, rubble, event goodies and things in the 250k to 5M range.

Please let me know if you have vendor spots in some sort of fairly accessible and safe location (ie close to Luna, Umbra, or Zento) and the rent you're asking.

Thank you!

-Tir (ICQ 9365461)


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Red & Purple Mini Mall, Yew, Tram... with over 103,000 visitors and daily traffic.

Not PACKED with goods... but they sure move when people stock their vendors.

Millions in goods traded every single day.