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[LoL News] Summoner Showcase #95: It's Looking like Snowdown


Stratics Veteran
Summoners, kick back with some eggnog and cookies as we gift unto you fabulously wrapped fan art, Snowdown statuary, creative cosplay, and more from the community caught in the spirit of the season in this edition of the Showcase.

Amumu Ornament:

Ryokiu’s delightfully depressing take on the saddest re-gift of them all is gorgeously detailed. A sprite-sized holiday hat makes even the most melancholy mummy look festive. And look, there’s even a mini-teddy bear to keep him company while he hangs from your tree.

Felt Champions:

Miniature champions are all the rage; Nyshandra shows off five felt renditions of some favorite champions. While Frostfire Annie is bundled up for winter and Rammus is adorably less prickly in felt, my personal favorite has to be Veigar, who comes equipped with a Rabadon’s Deathcap in order to maximize his ability to spread dark … er … holiday cheer!

Snowmerdinger Sculpture:

When the weather outside is as frigid as a pond in Freljord, some of us go outside and roll frozen water around until we have enough of it to make an oddly rotund statue. Others, like AstrayPenguin take the sensible step of staying indoors and building a badass sculpture. Check out the details in this Snowmerdinger’s design: buttons, buckles, top hat, and goggles? It boggles the mind.

Snowmerdinger Mural:

Jeyqn didn’t just want a Snowmerdinger to sit on a desk or shelf somewhere: it makes so much more sense to paint a menacing snowman on your wall! The frosty genius’ frozen stare leaps from the Fields of Justice into your bedroom; let’s hope he didn’t leave a trail of turrets along the way.

Crimson Ashe:

This fashion-style illustration adds some color to a Freljord lady’s cheeks. By trading blue for burgundy, KavaiHuntress makes the Frost Archer look even fiercer. Ashe is always imposing. With her crimson cape, she’s ready to volley through all the minions.

Sejuani Cosplay:

We wrap things up with Minus10GradCelsius’ seasonal Sejuani cosplay. Keep shaking off the elements, and glaring at your foes with that sky blue stare; your chill-tacular cosplay closes our show.

Don’t forget to send your very own creations to the Summoner Showcase at [email protected]; and watch for your submissions in the next episode!

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