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[LoL News] Summoner Showcase #100: Party!


Stratics Veteran
Can you believe it, summoners? 100 episodes of fantastic fan art, community shenanigans and original music have delighted and inspired us all. For this very special episode, we’re throwing a party and looking back at some of the most spectacular fan art, videos and community-created milestones.

Fiddlesticks Birthday

You’ve heard of Dunkey, right? Of course you have. Ever seen him run around as Fiddlesticks? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed!

Irelia Theme

Blockheart wrote and performed an original theme song created for Irelia. “Bladesurge” is beautiful and wonderfully played, much like Irelia dominating top lane.

League of Legends ABCs

A…B…C…D… how I wish you’d queue with me… Lolily’s adorable rhymes make even Mordekaiser a little less threatening.

Zerina’s Cosplay

Some of the best Riven cosplay comes to us via Zerina, a master at transforming herself into the Exile. Depending on which skin she chooses to dress up as, each outfit comes complete with a hyper-detailed version of Riven’s signature blade.

Missyeru’s Cosplay

Missyeru’s takes on Ashe, Bunny Girl Riven, Fiora and Morgana are amazing, but it’s her Arcade Sona that has captured the hearts and minds of summoners around the world. I mean, really. It’s awesome AND it makes sounds…

Britt the Badger’s Cosplay

Whether she’s wowing us with her Orianna cosplay or blowing our minds riding into battle as Sejuani, Britt the Badger brings League of Legends cosplay to a new level. As she rode her boar through the hallways of PAX Prime last year, you couldn’t help but stop and marvel.

Robot Kog’Maw

Why why why why why haven’t these little darlings been mass-produced yet? I need eleven! All this Kog’Maw robot by Yong Seung Kim needs is an iPod dock and we’ve got a party.

Baron Fountain

Josh’s awesome Baron Nashor fountain spits water, not deadly and corrosive acid. Thankfully.

Orianna Doll

Fiendle’s Orianna plushie is less cold and robotic than her in-game counterpart, but just as adorable and detailed.


A household name around the League of Legends’ community, some of MaTTcom’s stunning skin ideas have transcended the canvas as skins actually in game.


Adorable champion art is Chantinelle’s specialty, and you’ve probably seen her animated offerings all over the internet. Look at how cute Garen is! Still ban-worthy, though.


While all of Duet’s art is stunning and evocative, I can’t stop smiling at lil’Ezreal. Look at how happy he is! That’s what winning your lane will do to you.


Does the torrent of excellent art stop? No! Inkinesss illustrates champions in a fun, cartoony way. Nostalgia ahoy!

100 episodes of the Summoner Showcase, all thanks to you. Here’s to a hundred more!

We’ve got a new system for submitting your stuff. Submit your original work here and look for your creations on the next episode of the Summoner Showcase!

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