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[LoL News] Preseason Three Digi-Art Throwdown Contest


Stratics Veteran

The preseason is underway, and with everything that’s on the line in Season Three, the champions of the League are stepping up their training regimens. With all the new items in the shop, they’ve got a whole new arsenal to try out.

Of course, an epic battle on the Field of Justice isn’t the only showdown going on this preseason. In the spirit of competition, we’re also challenging you awesome fan artists to create a picture of your favorite champion preparing for Season Three and enter it in the Preseason Three Digi-Art Throwdown. And to give you the proper incentive to start furiously scribbling with your stylus, we’ve picked up some pretty epic prizes from our friends over at Wacom.

Contest Rules
  • You must include at least one champion and one new Season Three item: we’re looking for the latest trends in champion conditioning, so you need to showcase the new stuff
  • Your masterpiece must be appropriate for summoners of all ages: we’re teen rated, so nothing too risqué; if you think Draven practices through mass-execution, go ahead and keep that to yourself
  • You entry can’t include any logos or product names or placements: these are what we like to call a “legal hassle,” and we don’t keep enough lawyers on retainer to obtain permission to plug your favorite soda on our website
  • Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest: we don’t care if your friend Leo Da Vinci painted you the Sona Lisa, this contest is about YOU showing of YOUR artistic potential within the stipulated timeframe
  • You need to submit your entry on time: sorry if you have a tendency to oversleep, but this contest is for LoL players with accurate watches

Technical Requirements
  • Your submission needs to be 300 dpi (one dimensional), at least 3000 pixels in either height or width, and exported at a quality setting of 8 or higher: if we want to hang these on the wall, they should still be beautiful when we blow them up
  • You need to submit in .jpg format: you’re not going to win any prizes if we can’t open your entry, so for the sake of simplicity just stick to submitting .jpgs
  • Hang onto your full-size, highest-res, highest-detail picture: we may contact you to get ahold of your most epic rendering so that it can be properly preserved and displayed.

As always, these rules are in addition to all the contest commandments set down by Legal in our Official Rules and Contest FAQ, so be sure to review those before you submit. We mentioned awesome Wacom tablets, so here are the full details on the prizes you can win this contest:

Two grand prize winners will receive:
  • A Wacom Cintiq 22HD pen display
  • 15,000 RP

Five runner-up winners will receive:
  • A Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen display
  • 10,000 RP

Ten honorable mention winners will receive:
  • A Wacom Bamboo Create pen tablet
  • 8,000 RP

Every winner will also receive a League of Legends drawstring bag containing:
  • A Riot Games artist smudge guard glove
  • A Teemo hat
  • A Baron Nashor t-shirt
  • A Quintessence lapel pin
  • A Rammus “OK” League of Legends wristband
  • A League of Legends Lanyard
  • A “Bananas OP” foam banana

That’s right! If a small fortune in RP and a badass tablet aren’t enough to convince you to get your art on, we’re even throwing in a Teemo hat. The contest starts now, and runs through 11:59 PM on February 8, so be sure to get have your submissions ready by then.

When your masterpiece is complete, head on over and fill out the submission form. We can’t wait to see how your champion’s training this preseason!

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