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[LoL News] Champion & Skin Sale: LCS Party


Stratics Veteran

Corporate Mundo notice internet usage spike at Mundo corporate headquarters during League of Legends Championship Series. Mundo have confession – Mundo love watching LCS with frien… erm, peons. Out of kindness of heart, Mundo throw game-watching party for peons. Will take funds out of paychecks to pay for party. DON’T TELL OR YOU NOT INVITED.

  • Olaf bring lots of beer to party even though Mundo provide snacks. Good party-goer example. MUNDO LOVE OLAF. That might be beer talking. 395 RP
  • We moved Rengar’s litter box outside of TV room since it smell like Lizard Elder poop. Why can’t kitty learn to use toilet like rest of champions? 487 RP
  • Lee Sin get excited watching Froggen and accidentally kick table over. Snacks go everywhere! CAN’T HE SEE MESS HE MAKE? 440 RP

  • Lee Sin put on hood and is now Acolyte Lee Sin. Then he fall asleep like bird with cover over cage. Sleeping peon eat less food, save Mundo money. 487 RP
  • Frozen Terror Nocturne always make grand entrance to party. Lights go dim, door swing open and Nocturne appear. SEEN THIS A MILLION TIMES. You scare Mundo, you get cleaver. No exceptions. 487 RP
  • Obsidian Malphite just get out of rocky relationship. He hanging out with friends to get mind off lost love. Mundo once loved someone but it turned out to be Mundo in mirror. Still counts. 487 RP

Games over for today… NOW GET BACK TO WORK. Peons working overtime from February 26 to March 1, so grab them while they’re preoccupied. In mean time, Mundo go back to desk and watch VODs of funny Lux lasers.

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