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[LoL News] Champion & Skin Sale: Ice Fort War


Stratics Veteran
A cold chill sets into your bones as you approach a teetering, crystalline fortress of ice and snow. Gusts of wind stop you in your tracks as a billowing shadow greets you at the gates.

  • Summoners, I beg of you to help our cause. I am Frost Queen Janna, ruler of the glorious ice fort that stands before you. If you choose to join our fight, enter through the snow gates. We are preparing our defenses against those that strive to ruin fun with fire. 487 RP
  • Glacial Malphite is hard at work fortifying our defenses against fiery forces. I could not ask for a more steadfast and powerful ally. 487 RP
  • Short in stature but deadly in demeanor, little Frostfire Annie and loveable Tibbers are rolling an armament of snowballs for our defense. Other children spend their snow days seeking out merriment – she is not other children. 487 RP

  • Anivia has returned with an important missive – an army marches upon our snow fort. It is time to save our temporary, yet satisfying, home. 395 RP
  • The forces of fire approach! Led by Brand, fire incarnate, these fools seek to destroy this beautiful snow fort. You shall pay for ruining our jovial day. 487 RP
  • The gates are under siege! Shyvana transformed into a massive dragon and is melting the doors with her blistering breath. We must abandon our positions! Structural integrity has been compromised! 487 RP

Hours of this beautiful winters’ day ruined in moments. It appears we’ll have to build a new ice fort, far away from these hooligans and fun-ruiners. It will take from December 14 to December 17 until construction is complete, so reap the benefits of our frigid failure while you can. Soon, they shall all feel the cold gusts of my vengeance. Whoosh!

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