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[LoL News] Champion & Skin Sale: Dead Man’s Party


Stratics Veteran
Welcome, stranger, to the Shadow Isles. Don’t be afraid: I know you mortals say this place chills your blood, but tonight, that’s just the dry ice. You see, in honor of the renewed interest in our haunting home, I’m hosting an informal gathering. You might even call it a, yes, dead man’s party.

Don’t run away! Those soft wisps you perceive around you are just some incorporeal guests arriving. Take care with what you say; just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

In the distance, three distinctly solid silhouettes materialize out of the blanketing mist and begin striding toward Yorick.

Now the festivities are officially underway. Here, take this lantern and go welcome our latest trio of partygoers. I think you’ll find they’re just dying to meet you.

  • For Maokai, coming here is almost a family reunion, being surrounded by so many spirited treants. 395 RP
  • And with that Totemic Maokai attire, it appears that tonight he wishes to invoke some shamanic ritual to commune with them once more. 260 RP

  • Hecarim appears menacing, but he has helped me with party preparations for many a night. His immense strength and broad back are just perfect for hauling heavy logs and stones for my bonfires. 487 RP
  • But on this night, his air is more serious. As Reaper Hecarim, harvester of innocent souls, he is a symbol for the finality of death. Poised to snatch unsuspecting spirits away from their warm-blooded lives, he offers them a new beginning in death. 487 RP

  • Karthus, my dear friend! It has been far too long since you graced my graveyard. How many champions have fallen to your death’s song upon the fields? 487 RP
  • Ah, I see you are garbed in your ritual Grim Reaper Karthus robe, all the better for the night’s activities. That scythe is a magnificent piece of craftsmanship—so brutally sharp. I wouldn’t want my soul separated with that crescent blade. 487 RP

Come, everyone, let us all assemble. That includes you, my acquaintance. And may I compliment your attire? You’d make a splendid corpse. We will be celebrating from October 19 to October 22, and we would like to give you a proper welcome.

Suddenly, a small sapling runs through your legs and trips you. As you stumble back, Hecarim charges, pinning you under an immense iron-shod hoof. Your last glimpse is of Karthus, his evil grin illuminated by Yorick’s swinging lantern, as defiling energy swirls around him. His scythe sings through the air as it descends…

In the Shadow Isles, death is just the beginning. Welcome, new friend.

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