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[LoL News] Champion & Skin Sale: Begone Vile Magics


Stratics Veteran

I will have my revenge. A reckless mage set me alight, and one with a biting axe struck me while I sought slumber. I once had peace, but now my gnawed and twisted bark torments me. Even the saplings were not spared. I know the ones that attacked me. The third of their party left a trail of litter behind them. I would punish their imprudence, but the attack has left me weakened. I’ve hired a team to follow the trail of my assailants.

  • Cryocore Brand is the reckless mage we seek. His trademark blue flames mean that he should be easy to spot, but be wary. This mage is mine to destroy. The bounty for bringing him back alive is 487 RP.
  • The axe-wielding attacker is known as Barbarian Sion. I would break his axe before his eyes. He should be taught not to defy nature. There is no escape. His bounty is 487 RP.
  • The useful litterer, Grungy Nunu, has also transgressed against the forest. He did not attack me, but his damage to the forest should also be punished. The price on his head is 487 RP.

  • Yorick is essential in this effort. My enemies will be in need of his services. You, too, can count the Gravedigger as an ally for 487 RP.
  • Fiora craves a good scrap. I’ve always been fond of her rapier, much too thin to damage a trunk like mine. It’s not often I can count a blade wielder as an ally. Her services come at 487 RP.
  • I’ve been hacked branch to stem, so I’ve enlisted a barbarian of my own. Tryndamere will cut a swathe through my enemies for 292 RP.

The hunting party will track down the reckless mage and his accomplices from March 12th to March 15th. They’ll learn that nature can be a real Mother, hahaha.

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