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[LoL News] Champion & Skin Sale: Arcane Asylum – Blood Sport


Stratics Veteran

  • The wardens of the asylum have failed. While my dogs run them down, it is left to me, Lord Darius, to round up the escapees and administer the justice they deserve. When my work is done, those crazed fools will realize that it is better to rot inside their madhouse than have the likes of me trailing them outside of it. 487 RP
  • I will not waste my time alone in this hunt. I have the command of able subjects who will speed the capture of the deranged trio. Chrome Rammus was the first to answer – with luck he will return with a jester or two impaled on his back. 487 RP
  • And if he fails, I have a specialist on the hunt. Subterranean Nautilus has been searching the tunnels beneath the asylum for clues. Once the three have been found, I intend to have the titan burst from the ground beneath them and skewer the bomb freak like a showdown decoration. It will be glorious. 487 RP

  • Who better than to sniff these lunatics out than Nasus? His nose is as sharp as my axe, not that a chemist is difficult to track. Still, his employ is cheap and if his work bears fruit he’ll feast on all the treats the world has to offer. 292 RP
  • Varus has offered his bow to our hunt. A marksman’s offer of aid is not one I’m inclined to waive, and the things this man can do with an arrow would wipe a grin from even the maddest of hatters. 487 RP
  • And then I have a second option. Karthus is not a subtle being, but if my search goes unhappily, if the people of this city fail to find our men, the Deathsinger’s requiem will be a funeral march for them all. A universal purge... I will not blink as they rattle. 395 RP

I have pressing needs beyond this bit of sport, so I’ve allocated three days of my time for this hunt. If the frenzied three are not found between March 15 and March 18, then the headcount of this fair city may soon tumble.

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