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LoA-RP: Legends of Aria Roleplaying Community

Zeph Wightfyre

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
LoA-RP is a community for the roleplayers, storytellers, and lore-lovers of Legends of Aria. The site is primarily focused on the official servers and lore, but community server players and admins are absolutely welcome.

URL: www.loa-rp.com

Community Features
- A wiki chronicling the in-game and developer-posted lore
- Wiki categories for guild pages and character profiles
- Forums for discussion, storytelling, and roleplaying
- A calendar for in-game events (When the game is live.)
- A weekly article highlighting player fiction, art, and notable events (When the game is live.)

Why start the community before the game launches?
We want to build a solid foundation for roleplayers in Legends of Aria from the get-go. That means we have to start now!

Why not just use the official forum for RP stuff?
Many players likely will, but it's helpful for roleplayers to have a distinct community tailored specifically to their needs.

Why use Enjin?
Enjin is extremely popular with roleplaying communities in other games. It makes sense to use what's popular rather than force people to create yet another account. It's also very easy to manage and has a ton of prefab modules to pick from.
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