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[Selling] List of EM items for sale - - Jug Full of Bones, Cursed Hina Doll & 50 other rares


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Stratics Legend
Selling The Following
All items are located on atlantic
ICQ 442212126
Discord Smoot#4797
Open to offers, and package deals available

Virtuous Radiance Of A Forgotten Lore - 450m

A Moonstone Idol Of Araneae The Arachnid Matriarch - 200m

Fuddy Wuddys Blood Drive Donor Chair - 150m

Dark Blue Wave - 250m

Moonglow Mage Book Of Magic - 175m

Goblin Leg - 150m

A Jug Full Of Bones (Chesapeake S7 true 1of7) - 300m

Golden Fleece - 250m

Cursed Hina Doll (Odairi-Sama) - 600m

Blackrock Engineer Toolkit (Baja S7 true 1of10) - 400m

The Herbalist's Mirror Of Hermetics (functional soulforge) 275m

A Very Old Marble Clock Still Keeping Perfect Time - 250m

Caddellite Sarcophagus Consuming The Malice Of Khal Ankur - 150m

The Christmas Spirit, Vintage 97 - 250m

Skull Of The Grand And Ancient Dragon Cranus Of The Tehom, Timekeeper Of Sosaria - 650m

The Skull Of Yughor Crow The Shadowlord - 100m

Legends Iron serpent Latin six piece set - 450m Sold

Meteorite From The Minoc Inventors' Exhibition - 150m

Infernal Sproutlings Of The Roots Of Pride, Avarice And Vanity - 400m

A Healthy Corn Plant - 175m

Cauldron Of Special Healing Balm - 125m

Pot Of Overflowing Frost Wyrm Lard - 200m

Ophidian Dung - 500m

Skulls From The Cult Of The Fallen, Forever Bound To Mondain's Will - 150m
***bleed effect

A Tapestry Illustratig The Ill Fated Expedition Of The Crux Ansata Into The Great Stygiian Abyss - 200m

A Harmonious Lyre Of The Draconic Fates - 250m

Alert Wind Chime Of Tokuno - 225m

Illuminated Manuscript Drollery - 150m

A Crystalline Remnant Of A Demonic Presence - 150m

Still Beating Heart Of The Daemon Of Passion Who Sought To Debauch The Dryads Of Britannia 175m

The Fossilized Remains of a Human-Being Reaching Back Beyond Antiquity - 600m
fossillized remains.png

Her Green Light - 1.2 bil

I Stole This Lantern - 375m

May The Light Keep Us, May Fate Smile Upon Us, May We Always Be Within Sight Of A Friend 350m
Spell Channeling

The Frayed Honor Flag Of The Hand Of Death, The Unsavory Fighting School Of Jhelom - 150m

Last Ice Of Winter 350m

Light In The Darkness 75m

Text Books On Alchemy, Transmutation, And The Philosopher's Stone 650m
*note - stealing event, 10 exist

Petrified Bone Spurs (1of3, Pacific S2) 400m

Sold items
Camo Piglet
Poisoned Bananas
Strange Tissue Of The Paradox Mane
A Handcrafted Memorial Marble Statue Of San-Lem
A Single Rose Frozen In Time
Dragon's Tooth
Granny's Cookbook
A Bottle Of Julia's Uisga-Beatha
A Reindeer Action Figure
Oompha Loopha Chocolate Bars
Julia's Uisga-Beatha
A Slightly Used, Web-Covered Privy Roll
Portrait Of An Evil Harlequin
The Ranger's Hearth"; A Colorful Painting Of The Rangers Guild Of Skara Brae, Signed, "S.S'D."
A Portrait Of Morganna, Legendary Seer Of The Gypsies; Her Bemused Smile Belies A Subtle Mischief
Champion Of Britannia
The Cause Of The Dying Trees An Oozing Mushroom
A Scroll Of Dread Prophesy Foretold Through The Dreaming Of The Time Lord's Daughter
A Traditional Britannian Toilet, Consisting Of A Small Goblin Magically Sealed Inside A Small Pot
A Noxious Flame Once Used In The Eradication Of A Once Great Kingdom
Daemon Summoned By Archdemon Malachi And Archangel Elizabella Breaking The 666th Seal
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Stratics Legend

Skull Of The Lich Thariis, Lord Of The Undercroft - 75m

An Old Necromancer's Robe, The Hood Is Ripped Off And The Runic Embroidering Is Cut Short - 150m

An Ancient Book Of Necromancy; Voices Of Its Secrets Beckon To Even The Staunchest Of Mages - 100m

The Wailer, Devourer Of Innocents - 250m

Beware The Ides Of March - 250m

Daemon Breastplate (sonoma 1 of 3) - 950m

Magebane - 125m

Sold items
Orcish Visage Of The Frozen Skull Clan
The Decapitated Scalp Of An Alpha Wendigo
A Crescent Blade Carved Entirely Of Dragon Glass
A Magic Orc Helm
The Devil's Shoes Filled With Despaired Souls
Strappy Summer Sandles of Sunshine

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Babbling Loonie
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I will take this one please:
Meteorite From The Minoc Inventors' Exhibition - 250m

gimme an hour to get gold on ATL, i will contact you :)

br psycho