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Lets Ask Ledaye - 8/20-8/27


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We continue in a new thread to pose our questions to Chris 'Ledaye' Klug, Stargate Worlds Creative Director.

Many thanks to all who have posted questions, and our continued appreciation to Ledaye for taking time out of his day to stop by and provide us answers!


What classes will have access to crafting? I mean I know that its been said that there will be crafting technology related to race like Goa'uld, Asgard, and Taur'i and that eventually you will be able to pick up and learn / RE other culture's technology.

But in most MMOs crafting is either accessible to each class or its a class in itself. Now I kind of assume (logically I think) that the Asgard race/arch type will have access to Asgard technology in crafting, and the same with the Goa'uld race/arch type with Goa'uld technology.

But what about races and classes that in the show weren't typically the crafting sort. Such as will Jaffa be able to craft, possibly Goa'uld technologies? For Humans will crafting be limited to the Scientist or will the Archaeologist, Commando, and Soldier also have access to crafting?

Also at what level will crafting be made available in the game? Like right off the bat at level one after you leave the tutorial, or halfway through at level 25 or maybe endgame at level 50?


I'm sorry if this has been asked before but how will we dial the gate?

Will we be able to move our mouse / pointer around and click on the separate buttons on the DHD which will cause out avatars to push the buttons with their hand as we click on them? I think this would be immensely cool and add to immersion greatly and if you maybe get like a SWG style datapad to come up so that people would have a place for all of their known gate addresses, then thye could just bring it up and hit the buttons.

Or will it be more like you want to go to a gate you click on the DHD and a list of gate addresses / worlds will come and you select one and your avatar dials the gate?

Oh and when your standing near a gate and its dialed will the big event horizon sploosh / wave that comes out of the Stargate kill you like it does in the show?

Gracie Nito

How will MGM's decision to discontinue production of Stargate Atlantis affect the future of Stargate Worlds?

Gracie Nito

Many players playing for an hour a week longer ;)

Couldn't resist...
haha. good one.

I meant that part of the hype I've read so far is how the game will tie into TV storylines. I would think this would affect the game in some way, if there are no more storylines.


The game doesn't have to run concurrent with the TV series. SG-1 has run for ten seasons; SG-A an additional five. That should be more than enough material to keep the game going in its storyline concept for quite a while.


Also, CME will be able to make their own stories where appropriate.