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[Selling] Let there be Sashes! and some rare cloth


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Selling rare cloth and Sashes in one big bulk.
Im not gonna decide what is rare hue and what is not, its upto you the buyer to decide.
Heres the entire lot, with pictures.

10 cloth hue 1272
45 cloth hue 1266
45 cloth hue 1263
3 cloth hue 1261
53 cloth hue1278
30 cloth hue 1153
4 cloth hue 1260
32 cloth hue 2732

Sewn stuff:
Hakama-shi-ta hue 2075
skullcap hue 1261
fur boots 1261
half apron hue 1261
skullcap hue 1260
Robe hue 1260

Exceptional Barbed Thigh boots hue 2129 (double exceptional)
Viking sword hue 1278 (edit: 100 energy dmg, might result in the color it have)
Pads of the cu sidhe (blessed) hue 1

Robe hue 1176
Skirt hue 141
Short Pants (blessed) hue 1426
Fancy Shirt hue 1165
Fancy Dress hue 1165
Tunic hue 2075
Skirt hue 1168
Obi hue 1177

Sash: 14x Bloody sashes hue 2949
Sash: 13x Greetings from EM Thomas Pyewacket Atlantic 2011 hue 212
Sash: 12x Greetings from EM Bennu - Atlantic 2010 hue 2006
Sash: 11x Greetings from EM Promethium, Atlantic 2011 hue 2
Sash: 6x Greetings from EM Roenick - Atlantic 2018 hue 407
Sash: 3x Greetings from EM Chimaera! hue 1
Sash: Greetings from EM Spriggan! - Atlantic 2010 hue 101

Comes with two picnic baskets hue 1098

*Hue from the Interior Decorator tool using 2d client.

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