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Legio XIII Britannia - The 13th Legion of the Britannian Guard.


Babbling Loonie
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Legio XIII Britannia - The 13th Legion of the Britannian Guard.

The concept I have in mind is this.

A harmonization of the Roman Legio IX Hispania and the Knighthood of the Crux Ansata.

The Thirteenth Legion was an armada sent to secure the Isle of Fire in the months following the Ascension of Lord British or just prior to the Second War of Minax / Invasion of Trinsic. The Legion was was responsible for the earliest excavations of the Underworld but was lost when the Seas rose and swallowed the cavernous entrance. With the New Shattering and the revelation of the Underworld the Legion is able to return to Britannia and will attempt to establish order as the Kingdom descends into Chaos.

The group would be an RPed Branch of the Britannian Armed Forces separate but similar to the Town Guards of Britain. It will - however - be a separate branch that will have its own role and will not upsurp the Town Guards role of defending Britain.

The main branches would be thus: The Order of the Crux Ansata (Paladins). The Inquisition (Spies and Assassins). The Kings Fleet (Marines).

If there is interest in such a project I will move forward with it.