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Kinships of Middle Earth


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Kinships of Middle Earth
Winfola Server
Heroes of the Last Alliance

Sunset on the south banksof the rivendell valley is a comforting and relaxing place. We sat andspoke openly on old times and what our destiny would be for MiddleEarth, In the company of 5 fellows from a Kinship called The Heroes of the last alliance.

Leader - Kodee
# of Officers - 8
# of members - 51
website - http://www.lotroheros.guildportal.com
Kinship type - open
Kinship hall - pending

Motto- We are a relaxed and open kinship with one goal in mind, to build afamily of friends that can spend time together and sharing knowledgeand resources to help eachother learn skill and advance as we growtogether. Here we ARE a kinship, not a bunch of solo artists with akinships tag. If you join our kinship you are a part of us and we arepart of you.

Goals- Learn as much as we can so we can pass that knowledge to our younger members and others in this world.

KinshipEvents - We are planning weekly meetings to share what we have learnedin our travels so other will know what to expect when they reach thatpoint. including traits, deeds, skill and fellow skills and any otherstrategies we learned that will work through trial and error. We have also tried recruiting contests with prizes that has brought us some really good people. Also hide and seek and scavenger hunts.

Social Events - We have a couple ideas in the planning stagesbut nothing scheduled yet.

I asked if there was anything they would like to see added to the game and got several good responses to include.
moretrait slots would be nice since we have so many to choose from wasmentioned and got a thumbs up from the group along with more solo orsmall fellowship quests with more content to the storyline in Forochelmost of the current ones require large parties and are to hard tocomplete. more reward drops for the fellowships that defeat theSignature creatures would make them more worth while since the repairbills can get rather large.

Following up i asked if there was anything they would like to see changed:
Reputation items give 300 point for every 10, could we have it reduced to 5?
Less running around talking to NPC's
They're are horses that will take you to the homesteads, why cant we have stable at thehomesteads too?

Stay tuned for our next feature, perhaps your kinship will be next.