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Kingdom Contact List

Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Please keep this contact list within the confines of the Kingdom of Lore, if people require authorization make sure to inform them that you are a member of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Roster
  • Lore Denin [ICQ: 96629882] - Lore Denin, Arcades Myth, Dusk Twilight
  • Duke Greenspan [ICQ: 82049051] - Duke Greenspan. Radagast, Qui Gon Jin
  • Destiny [ICQ: 98868633] - Destiny, Akara, Lorel, Millie
  • Minion [ICQ: 624372305] - Minion
  • Eros Vinsol [ICQ: 628014210] - Eros Vinsol
  • Angel Eyes [ICQ: 376349916] Angel Eyes
  • Poo [ICQ: 178928681] - Taboo, Grey Wolf, Poo, Pure Evil
  • Tinkz [ICQ: 76943888] - Mahtan, Saffron
  • Romus [ICQ: 11346853] - Romus
  • Sophie [ICQ: 627853033] - Sophie
  • Nexus [ICQ: 168392675] - Nexus
  • Arabella [ICQ: 279615786] - Mulan Tua
  • Danny [ICQ: 179740032] - Nonel Topd
  • Alex Winters: [ICQ: 453005992] - Senji, Willow Grave
  • Darin [ICQ: 225031776] - Talis, Darin Blackblade
  • Tina Small [ICQ: 203027342] - Tina
  • Halos [ICQ: - ] Halos
  • Tylindrel [ICQ: - ] Tylindrel
  • Soulcage [ICQ: 640297314] - Soulcage

Allies/Potential Members from Origin
  • Michael Wolf [ICQ: 221059998]
  • Cassie Darksong [ICQ: 199889122]
  • Zoggins [ICQ: 414763174]
  • Trinity [ICQ: 405454642]

Kingdom Crafters:
  • Smiths: Millie [icq: 98868633]
  • Tailors: Millie [icq: 98868633]
  • Fletchers:
  • Tinkers: Millie [icq: 98868633]
  • Carpenters: Millie [icq: 98868633]
  • Alchemist: Millie [icq: 98868633]
  • Scribes: Kaylynn Zorande [icq: 98868633]
  • Cooks:
  • Imbuers:

Kingdom Raw Supply:
  • Miners:
  • Lumberjacks:
  • Fishermen: Kiriana [icq: 98868633]
  • Gardeners/Farmers (seeds/petals)

Kingdom Scouts and Spies:
  • Trap Removers
  • Sigil Stealers
  • Treasure Hunters:

Hunters of Beasts [PvM]

Defenders of the Kingdom [Pvp]


The Grandest of the PooBah’s
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor
Hello everyone.

I know some of you half as much as i should, and care to know all of you half as much as i want....


As some of you may or may not know Romus, Nex, Tina Small myself are not in the 'inner circle' that is the guild of Kingdome of Lore, but rather we are an allied force known as YAD (U R Dead). Just a quick overview of us we are all old players, most of us being from day 1 of UO. Most of us call Sonoma our home shard but a couple years ago we went on a whirlwind World Tour and hit pretty much every shard for faction fighting. The aftermath of that tour was the benifit that we all have faction toons on every shard so we can log in to any shard and play whenever we want. Some of you may have played with us on GL when we where there in the alliance as well.

We have access to the guild/alliance Vent and Map should the need arise for us to enter into some combat or hunts.

I would also like to extend our guilds help of our Crafters.
we are fortunate that when we came here a couple years ago we put in some hard work and got at least one of every crafter up and going.
so should anyone need the assistance of a 120 smith, 120 tailor, 120 IMBUER (!!!!!) GM Tinker, GM Bowcrafter, GM Carpentry,GM Alchemist and i believe we have a GM cook somewhere as well.
The only thing we ask is that if you want something high end made that you bring the supplies, other then that anything we make or repair is free of charge to the alliance.

Just so you know what we bring to the table for factions we can field the following.
- theifs x 3
- trap removers x 2 (1 for sure, possibly 3 not sure on this)
- warriors x a bunch
- tamers x at least 3
- faction trap makers x at least 3

Looking forward to holding the line with you all.



See...I knew I liked this guy! Thanks for all the info Pooh! I cannot wait to spend more time with you guys, maybe owning some champ spawns are what not. Well met Sir!