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Kickstarter Ideas Contest!

Luka Melehan

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Patron
Hey guys,

As you all know, Project: Gorgon is launching another Kickstarter campaign starting July 31st!

You guys know best what you love about our game, what incentives might help spread the word and get funding off to a great start. Starting today, July 11th and ending on Sunday, July 13th at 12pm US EST, we're going to run a quick, fun contest.

Prizes will be randomly drawn as a lottery from posters in this thread so everyone has a chance at winning a: complete set of 5 armor dyes not yet available in game!

To enter all we need are 5 suggestions on Kickstarter pledge level incentives to toss into the Project: Gorgon developer think tank. You can suggest the level or just offer suggestions of what you would like to see as a pledge supporter. The purpose is to get dialogue going on what you, the players, feel would pull eyes towards the campaign and put PG's best foot forward. That's it! Simple, eh?

On Monday, July 14th, we'll randomly draw player names from this thread and announce the winner(s)! Spread the word, get your friends involved and get ready to kick Project: Gorgon into gear!


Stratics Veteran
x number of augmentation tombs that would give a % back to successfully augment items so that its "more possible " to augment a item beyond the current 65% that anyone wants to attempt :)
founders gear ( each lvl gets a certain piece of gear... top lvls will beable to get a full set...) ( this set graphics should not be used for any other gear ever!)
possibly items to be put into houses ( if houses are still on the table)
"special dye" that can be applied to gear this color will never be available again
a founders grave yard where each tombstone would have the donators name in game


Stratics Veteran
1) Additional storage options, stationary and personal bag capacity.

2) Unique pets, vanity or for fighting.

3) A statue of the character. That statue might be placed in a hall of fame or a place negotiated by the account owner.

4) A weapon of choice (sword, cestus, staff, ...) holding customized enhancements (can choose skills and possibly abilities). The weapon may be named after the character and/or carry funky particle effects or glow.

5) A personal vendor to sell items to other players. If that will be a commonly available feature, additional advantages could be granted, like less or no maintenance costs, personalized outfit, unique names or titles, standing in a spot where vendors usually could not be placed (official buildings, somewhere in the wilderness), impersonated by an NPC who was not a vendor before, can buy certain items for a predefined price (for example: the owner offers x gold per cotton so other players can sell their cotton to the vendor owner), ...

Some stuff like character titles are pretty obvious. Unique housing spots have been in the discussion already. More ideas might be drawn from other projects, like Shards Online, that came up with some desirable rewards for their play style.
Options where backers are allowed to work together with the dev team to plan/design/implement/finish features are debatable. It would not be good to have a bad feature, just because some incompetent backer 'paid' for it. On the other hand some creative input might come this way.

It is hard to come up with concrete options, since so much may change till beta or release.
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Stratics Veteran
1) A permanent speed skill for side bar, with no cd ( spd should be 30 and be able to stack with other spd buffs if wanted)
2) A permanent teleportation skill. To tele like a god or even a mod :p
3) Double xp in all skills for a specified amount of time
4) % increase on rare drops in game for a specified amount of time
5) % increase on sales to vendors for a specified amount of time


Stratics Veteran
lifetime membership if subscription model
lifetime "freemium"/monthly allowance if applicable
custom skill creation
custom mini dungeon creation
remote chat client access, to maintain a presence on the go


Stratics Veteran
These are not in any particular order:

1. Choose a color and get an item to dye unlimited items that color
2. A special icon next to, or color for your name
3. Roleplay/Cosmetic item sets. This could be something like: "Your choice of: Pirate, Thief, or Gentleman roleplay item set"
4. A small bank slot expansion (no pay to win, just a small convenience. Perhaps 5 spaces?)
5. A cool (but not overpowered) pet.

Nimor nim

Stratics Veteran
create a hero that npcs will talk about,
start the game with a random secret skill
start the game as unique race/ sub race
unique face/build
a town named after you with you in its history
title and maybe a mentor npc.
unique recipe that give something
unique shifter ability ( like can go from human to deer and back as a skill)


Stratics Veteran
Previously said, but houses in Serbule or instanced somewhere!

1. Dyes not yet in game as rewards (or exclusive, but with dyes I think you can just give out new, experimental or cool (jet black) dyes)
2. Access to a storage unit in your house (same as bank or separate with say 10 slots like a normal npc)
3. Cosmetic items (cape, wand, top hat)
4. Combined skinning knife, butcher knife, skull extractor, handsaw autopsy kit into 1 (think gnomish army knife from wow)
5. Get a tree (by your house) that grows fruit (apples, oranges etc.)
6. Unique skins for pets (could do for rats, lowest tier of pet I assume)
7. Advance access to new content!
8. Some rare reagents/potions (teleporation stone, anchor rune, superjump potion)
9. Cosmetic curse (turn into a demon for a minute, but cannot move or cast spells? scare townfolk?)
10. Book that lets you learn any skill to level 1 (teleportation, mentalism, necro, any)
11. Book that levels up existing skills X levels

(sorry if I'm late!)

Luka Melehan

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Patron
The randomizer used was at Random.org and the winner is CLARYNAA! Congrats! Let Auriel know what color dyes you want and she will get those to you!

Seas....you were too late to be included in the draw, but there will be more, just stay tuned!