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KFC's Killa Fighting Chickens Battle 25 (Sat. Mar. 16th)

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Queen Mum

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** Nu-bee chicken lizard battles will follow the Main Event Rules except for:​
* All amateur chicken lizards must NOT be bonded to fight.​
* There is NO entry fee ~ prizes will be awarded by the house!​
* Untrained chicken lizards will be available and transferred to participants.​
*All chickens must be bonded to fight (main event)!​
*There will be an entry fee of 100,000 gold pieces (main event)!​
* Only one chicken may be entered per character.​
It would be hard to fight two chickens from the same owner should you fall into the same bracket.​
Feel free to bring a second character from another account if you are able.​
*You must join the KFC guild to fight​
(this is the only way we have found to fight the chickens)!​
*No fighting between members outside of ring.​
*All fights will take place without interferences. This means no healing, vetting, or casting of spells.​
This includes both owners and spectators.​
*All chickens must be natural (no buffing, no tasty treats)!​
* No participants are allowed to leave once the tournament starts.​
If a participant recalls out, they automatically forfeit their place in the tournament.​
* Fights are to the death, two battle chickens enter, one becomes dinner!​
* When called into the ring, the owner has 60 seconds to respond.​
If the owner does not respond, that chicken is automatically declared loser of that round.​
*When called to fight, you will take your battle chicken into the ring, place it in the designated corner, then leave the ring.​
A stool will be provided for owners to watch from.​
*To enable the battle chicken to fight, tell it to guard you 2 times and enter war mode.​
*The fight referee will ask each fighter in turn if they are ready.​
Be sure your battle chicken is guarding you before responding with 'yes' or a similar answer.​
*Once both fighters have responded in the positive, the referee will give the command to fight.​
At this time, command your chicken to all kill the opponent chicken. Once the fight is over, be sure to tab out of war.​
*The battle chicken left alive at the end of the round moves on in the winners bracket, the loser will move on with one loss.​
It takes two losses to be eliminated.​
*The victor of the final round will be declared the Champion for the night.​
*The staff of [KFC] does not compare stats of chickens before pairing up chickens in the first round. This is done at random draw.​
It is up to the owner of the chicken to find the best fighter and work them up. Working them up is not required, but it makes for a tough fighter.​
(If you need help in training a chicken, feel free to ask a staff member for assistance.)​
****Personal player bets are the responsibility of those involved and not of the 'House'.​
*** Please remember, these fun fights are done for the community and we do not tolerate disrespect towards spectators, participants, or [KFC] staff.​
Those involved work hard at organizing the fights and it takes the cooperation of all involved to make this event run as smoothly as possible.​
*** Bring a friend, spectators are welcome.​
Gate available from Luna Bank shortly before event.​
Broadcasted live on UORADIO.com
Hosted by [KFC] Killa Fighting Chickens​
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