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Keep Contest - All Designs In One Place


I decided to compile all of the Keep designs in a single place because I was going back and forth trying to find the design I liked best. They are ordered in the same order they appear on the house sign for convenience. Credit for most images goes to the Publish links from House Ownership – 1. Placing a House – Ultima Online, and some I took on Test Center due to uo.com Wiki downtime. I just wanted to compile all of the imagery in a single location.

The Trinsic Keep

Robin's Nest

The Traditional Keep

Villa Crowley

Darkthorn Keep

The Sandlewood Keep

Casa Moga

Fortress of Lestat

Citadel of the Far East

Keep Incarcerated

Sally Trees Refurbished Keep

Desert Rose

Clover's Keep

Keep Calm and Carry On Keep
1579890484490.png 1579890329250.png 1579890507447.png 1579890359062.png

The Ravenloft Keep
1579890017566.png 1579890034178.png 1579890051108.png 1579890122332.png

The Queens Retreat
1579889647114.png 1579889661030.png 1579889677912.png 1579889692841.png
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Some of those are castles not keeps, perhaps you need to specify :)
The funny thing is I got all of these from the Keep Contest Winners pages on uo.com. I just placed a Keep on Test Center and am going to go through all of the options in the Design changer and modify the above :)

EDIT: It seems that the first wiki link had both keeps and castles in it and I didn't realize, I updated the images above)
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...and I have started to customize it. For now I've done only the exteriors & the Virtues Chapel in the basement: furnishing a Castle is really time consuming!:cool::)
ruin mine ext.jpg chapel.jpg


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I am a a keep fanatic, mainly the original and your first, second and sixth here. But! that ruins castle is so much fun to deco. once you get the way of it. How you move in it. I think I will keep it (haha,) it as my castle a long time. And I am part of Robins Roost Castle and Dragonstone castle. The ruins is fun! Thank you @wendy for the hours you put in designing it. I am very fond of Sally Trees Keep as well.


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thx you
I wanted to see all the houses form the contest some very talanted builders out there