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Katheryne's Changing Sky



Hi there folks. In the Halloween thread, I made mention of SL's Advanced Sky Editor. I said I'd post snapshots of some of SL's groovy sky presets, and so I shall. I sat down with my friend Katheryne and snapped some pics of her sitting on her dock under different sky conditions. I'll provide the name of the particular sky preset in each picture. Enjoy!

This is the default sky setting of Kat's sim. Isn't the moon lovely?



Blue Midday

Desert Sunset

Fine Day

Fluffy Big Clouds


Funky Funky Funky



Incongruent Truths

Sailor's Delight

Sheer Surreality

Lovely, aren't they? And doesn't Kat look just beautiful?


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I enjoyed playing with the skies not too long ago myself. That first one in your post looks like a face in the clouds to me.

Lets see what some of the rest of you have done with sky editing.


Thank you, Niki, but I didn't really do anything. The skies in those pictures were presets: sky settings already prepared by SL and made available in the Sky Editor. However, I did create one sky setting of my own. It looks something like this:

I call it Smilodon's Midnight Sun. What do you think?


Lovely pics Smilo - I have only played a little with the sky, I think I must go play some more! :p