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Kaos - U.S. Destruction Guild

  • Thread starter KaosEagle
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Killing As Organized Sport since 1997.

Kaos is currently seeking both new recruits for our guild and other U.S. Destruction guilds to form an Alliance with.

Kaos started in 1997 and has enjoyed long successful runs in Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft 3, DAoC, CS:S, and WoW.

In Starcraft we were known as the dominate guild for several years on U.S.West, legendary to many ex mixers and 55ers to this day.

In DAoC we were known as the Kaos Crusaders as Albs on Merlin and leaders of the largest Alliance in the game.

In WoW we were a large raiding guild first on Stormreaver, then on Anetheron, then back to Stormreaver (all times as Alliance), that enjoyed moderate success in endgame instances based on a semi-hardcore atmosphere.

Come and join the experience and knowledge of Kaos, either as a member in our guild or as a guild in Alliance with us.

Kaos will be a 24/7 operation, so all players of all play times are accepted!

Many of our members are already confirmed for Open Beta, so we will be hitting the ground running ASAP.

Please visit our forums and complete registration so that you may have access to all topics. Guest access is limited.

Kaos website:


Thank you and looking forward to WAR dominance,

GM, Kaos
e-mail: [email protected]