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Kai Allard Laio / Dharma etc: Martin Finch in the real world - Gone, Never Forgotten.



On December 29, 2005, Martin Finch, aka ingame characters Kai Allard Laio, Scythe, etc., and administrator back in the day when Markee Dragon was simply MD and not Shattered Crystal as well as moderator for their rares (and more) forum, passed away suddenly due to a diabetic episode.

I am the widow of Martin Finch, and whilst we played UO together, sitting side by side at our respective desks and pcs, I can no longer glance over or simply ask him a question and enjoy the pleasure of his knowledgable company over a game of UO. Martin was well spoken, with a very sharp wit and tongue, and he keep the boards clean with a lashing of his tongue. Some very long time players might possibly remember him (we both started playing ten years ago, on different continents!) Marcus Eikenberry certainly does (Markee Dragon)...this goes back to when MD was run out of the basement.

You have been missed by many, and I owe a sincere apology to those of you that knew Martin aka Kai Allard Laio - when he died I happened to be back 'home' in the states at the request of a critical half sister, and when I rang him that night as I did every night, I learned that he was simply...gone...just like that. His blood sugar went up and he became confused and was unable to give himself his insulin injection, he slipped into a coma and the doctors say he passed away within hours, his organs shutting down. I was frozen to the spot - in denial, deep depression, desperation, and more...and I could not bring myself to log ingame for years. Our beloved ingame housings collapsed and we lost a fortune in museum items that we'd been working to put together. Six more months and it would have seen its grand opening. Still, knowing this would happen...I could not bring myself to come to UO, it was far too painful a reminder of fun times that had passed and never return. Those of you on Oceania that are long time players may remember our weekly auction at the Pyramid of Kharnak, and then later a joint cooperative effort with Decorator's Dream as the auction grew beyond our capacity. We both loved this game, and I know that somewhere, Martin/Kai Allard Laio is smiling down on me, very happy to see me as I try to put the pieces of what we shared here back together.

I have always loved you, and I always will. Angel on my wing.

Thanks, all, for letting me post this.
Marcella (Marcella/Ankhesenseth, etc...)