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Just one dance...


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She stayed quiet for much of the proceedings this Election Day, urging her constituents to also remain quiet. A plea was already in place as she watched the treason that was being committed against the crown in the very heart of the Kingdom.

Va'lis strolled in casually, "Oh look, foreigners all of the sudden declaring fielty to Britain. I'd love to say that's new but of course..." He couldn't. Pandora looked to him and nodded once. She grabbed gently by the arm and pulled him aside, "Come with me for a few minutes." He did as she asked.

Pandora opened a gate to Monticello. At the workshop they talked, "I need to gather solid evidence Va'lis. Who do we know from the Atlantic shard?" She grinned. "Many," he replied, "what do we need to get?" She smiled as she proceeded to tell him exactly what she needed.

She was done being polite, she was done trying to run a clean campaign just to have it deteriorate into who could corrupt the people, she was done trying to be civil. Civility had left the building!!!

She would declare herself the rightfully elected Governor of Britain through the voice of the masses. Masses that reside here and were not foreigners. Together they would bring about Justice to the city of Britain.

"Va'lis, I shall not allow the voice of the people to be chocked silent!" She exclaimed. Va'lis smiled with a hint of wicked fervor. "Why my dear old lady, have you decided to come over to my side of the streets?" She gave him a flat look. He laughed, "Okay, okay I was only suggesting a single dance with the devil." She turned up the corners of her mouth only slightly, "Only one dance?" She quipped as she forced him to his feet and began to dance the Vianeese waltz they had practiced for his wedding to Cher. And much to her delight, they did dance quite well.

"And Va'lis... Don't ever call me "old lady" again! Do I look old to you?" She said as they twirled across the room. He laughed and jokingly said, "Okay mom!" The flat look she gave him lasted all but a few seconds as they reveled in just one dance.
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