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Japaneses (old) clients.


Hi, I'm a client collector and was looking for clients what was released for the Japanese market.

These clients cant be found anywhere after the FTP was removed. At least not by me, I don't understand the language on the pages. I was hoping that anyone of you might have saved them somewhere?

This is the files I'm looking for:


http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uosa/UOSASetup_105.exe (* FOUND - SAME AS US/UK *)
http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uosa/UOSAClassic_7_0_7_1.exe (* FOUND - SAME AS US/UK *)

[bcolor=rgb(16, 16, 16)]http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uokr/UOKR24619Installer.part1.exe[/bcolor] (700 MB) [KR-Installer-]
http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uokr/UOKR24619Installer.part2.rar (700 MB)
http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uokr/UOKR24619Installer.part3.rar (700 MB)
http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uokr/UOKR24619Installer.part4.rar (304 MB)

http://ftp.japan.ea.com/UO/downloads/uokr/UOKRPub53Installer.part1.exe [KR-Installer-]

http://japan.ea.com/uo/download/UOClassicSetup_7_0_15_1.exe (* FOUND - SAME AS US/UK *)
http://japan.ea.com/uo/download/UOEnhancedSetup_4_0_10_1.exe (* FOUND - SAME AS US/UK *)

** I would also be intrested If you have any other client with Japanese installation text, I might have missed some other ones.
** All versions of Japanese ISO/CD releases are hard to find in Europe.

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