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January 6


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wookiee Life Day
The event has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed the celebration and had fun with the decorations!

Both Rebel and Imperial troops have resumed the conflict in Dearic, Talus.

Witches of Dathomir
New surprises added to the Witches of Dathomir!
Fixes to ensure that the Mutant Rancor Boss will now correctly drop loot when killed.
Fixed a number of situations where players could be prevented from retaking a quest if the quest were deleted from their quest journal.
Fixed an issue that would prevent some players from retaking the boss quests.
All group members should now get correct quest updates when starting boss fights.

Beast Mastery
You can no longer extract DNA from invulnerable creatures.

Decorative Fedora Hat and Decorative Whip Belt are now No Trade Removable.
Fixed multiple hanging signs on the Chronicle tent.
Fixed tooltip typo for Mouse Pointer Mode Default in the options menu.
Fixed codestring tooltip for Enable Character LOD Manager.
Fix for some codestrings showing up on the bazaar.

Unstable DNA variations continue to spread throughout the known galaxy. These have now completely usurped (and have thus become) the native forms of the Dathomiri Bane Back Spider, and the Kashyyykian Urnsor'is and Uwari Beetle. As with previously discovered unstable variations, these creatures are no longer resistant to efforts to obtain viable DNA samples. :END ALERT