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[Catskills] January 2015 Events


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Events that are PLANNED for this month. Those events that are CONFIRMED by a post on the forums or other means are highlighted with a link to the post (in gold) or with green text if no post is available. Cancelled events appear in red text.

2 - Vesper Woodsman Challenge, Starts @ 10 AM EST
2 - Tavern Night Rotation: Duece Vinculuum @ 9 PM EST in Ilshenar
3 - Minoc Town Hall @ 9:30 PM EST at the Barnacle Tavern in Minoc
4 - Vesper Woodsman Challenge, Ends @ 9 PM EST at the Vesper Bank
5 - [EM EVENT] Town Guard Induction and Outpost Inspection @ 8 PM ET
6 - Tavern Night Rotation: Knight's Rest Tavern @ 9 PM EST in Yew [CANCELLED]
8 - Spiritwood Anniversary Celebration @ 8 PM EST at the Skara Brae Community Center
9 - Elven Song Mystery Raffle & Castle News @ 8:30 PM EST
10 - Vesper Museum Auction @ 6:30 PM EST at the Vesper Market Square [RESCHEDULED]
10 - Elven Song Community Deal or No Deal @ 8 PM EST at Luna Outreach Center

10 - Elven Song Community Find DJ Net & Win @ 10 PM EST at Luna Outreach Center

11 - Wedding of Gov. Inkboy and Lord Eramis @ 5 PM EST at the Minoc Town Hall
11 - Britain Winter's Ball @ 7 PM EST at Castle British
12 - [EM EVENT] Royal Council Meeting @ 8 PM EST at Castle Blackthorn
14 - Trinsic City Meeting @ 7 PM EST at the Royal Bank of Trinsic
16 - Emergency Minoc Town Hall @ 8 PM EST at the Minoc Mint
16 - Tavern Night Rotation: Luna Outreach Tavern @ 9:30 PM EST in Luna
17 - The Power of Speech Sermons @ 6 PM EST in The Temple of Gods at Olympus
18 - [EM EVENT] Reserved for EM Barnaby, Placeholder TBD
19 - Tavern Night Rotation: Shadowmoore Tavern @ 8 PM EST in Magincia
20 - [EM EVENT] Santa Slay Competition @ 9 PM EST
21 - Garden with the Children @ 8 PM EST at the Umbra Orphanage, West Umbra
22 - [EM EVENT] Story Arc: "The Wayward Princess" @ 8:30 PM EST
23 - Jhelom Pit Wars @ TBA (Details Incoming)
26 - [EM EVENT] King's Audience @ 7:30 PM EST
27 - Trinsic Fishing Competition @ 8 PM EST at the Trinsic Docks

29 - Tavern Night Rotation: Crescent Moon Tavern @ 9 PM EST in Luna
28 - Travelling Bard's Night: January @ 8 PM EST at the Keg and Anchor in Trinsic
31 - [EM EVENT] Story Arc: "In the Ground, In the Stars" @ 5 PM EST
31 - Britain Public Library Presents the Benefactor's Dinner @ 8 PM EST in Castle British

~~~ EM EVENTS ~~~
Monday, January 5th, 8pm EST - Town Guard Induction and Outpost Inspection

Captain Olivia will be inducting new Town Guards as well as inspecting the outposts that Regiments have petitioned to staff. If your regiment is staffing an outpost, please come prepared with a rune marked to the location and a mage on hand to open a moongate there.

Monday, January 12th, 8pm EST - Council of Governors Meeting

Sunday, January 18th, 5pm EST - TBD

Tuesday, January 20th, 9pm EST - "Santa Slay" Competition
Rescheduled from December.

Thursday, January 22nd, 8:30pm EST - "The Wayward Princess"

Monday, January 26th, 7:30pm EST - King's Audience

Saturday, January 31st, 5pm EST - "In the Ground, In the Stars?"

Delbert's quest to save the world from the Decay continues. Despite his claims of only needing to find ONE more root of the Decay, there are in fact TWO more. It would seem he forgot this given all the pain he is in lately. Once again, meet in Yew.

An investigation or live event relating to Jor and the Vesper Bank Robbery will also be scheduled for some time this month. King Blackthorn is also preparing to visit a number of towns in the realm to hold audiences.

Confirmed Events have been added to our UO Catskills Facebook page and @UOCatskills Twitter feed as well as coordinated with the official UO Fan page and Twitter as well as the main UO Events forums. :)
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@Mesanna --- Oh my dearest Dark Lady, would you come and kill us all at one of our many events!?!? Its been a while since you've graced us with your deadly presence. ;)

On a side note, I am sure you'll be happy to see that Catskills is doing sooooo well! :heart:


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Because of the URL changes, I updated this for events going forward and removed the links for old events.


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With the URL mix up of Stratics, I cleaned up the up coming URL's and just removed old ones. :)

PLEASE REMEMBER that unless an event is marked in GREEN --- its planned but not yet confirmed.