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It's a Castle-Eh

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
“But Llyr, it is a bloody castle!”

The two brothers stood facing off in Aegis, the subject of the argument loomed large just behind Aedon’s back. The confrontation had been going on for nearly an hour now with neither looking as though they would be swayed any time soon.

As Llyr stared at his younger sibling, thoughts of confrontations much like this one sprang to his mind. In the past, he had always been the one to capitulate, bowing all too often to the opinions hurled his way by the all too often hot headed Aedon. It would be easier to, as in the past, to bow politely to him and do things in the manner he would have them done. But, this time, Llyr was determined to win the day and convince Aedon that what he had asked for was in many ways what he gave him.

Aedon,” he began, “you asked that I build you something that could serve as a center for your activities. Now, I understand that you are in an agitated state owing to recent events; but, if you will just stop using your mouth and use your brain instead, you will see the sense behind my work. I gave you not only what you asked for, I gave you what you need.”

Things had dramatically changed in Aegis during the time he had been away. Many of the houses in the Glade either stood empty, or had crumbled with the steady march of time. It seemed that each day Aedon received news of yet another family packing up, and heading off to distant lands.

Glaring at Llyr, Aedon was on the verge of shouting. “But Llyr, a BLOODY CASTLE?” He said raising his voice a bit more. “You know how much I hate castles, and royals, and kings, and all their trappings. Whatever would possess you to build such a monstrosity in Aegis?”

“Well now lad, if you will hold your tongue for a moment I will tell you. To build something that would do what you asked for was no easy task. The land cleared fast enough, but the sheer scope of what you wanted defied all my planning skills…at first. Then I realized that there was really only one form this center could take. “

“Bloody Castle Llyr?”; Aedon hissed through his teeth.

“Yes, yes. A bloody castle it is. Still, that is but a façade. Beneath the stone work the building is pure Yew lumber. The flooring for the most part I scavenged from the Knights Rest and Connemara. And, if you will take the time to just walk inside, you will see that I have done my bloody best to make the place feel warm and inviting.“

“It is still a Castle Llyr!”

“It is, and is not, Aedon. Why must you always be so headstrong and sense weak? Look at the larger view for a change little brother.

“A castle denotes strength – Aegis has long stood strong, a bastion of hope in times of great turmoil.

“A castle commands attention. It is not a wishy-washy building. When you see a castle, you do not just ride on by, you stop, and say, ‘Oh my! That is a castle!’

“A castle, you see, has room to entertain; plus you can retreat into a private corner for reading or reflection. And a castle being square was the only large building I could erect in the amount of time you allotted me.

“Even at that, my boys have been working round the clock to get the bloody thing done. Now shut the hell up and take a look inside.”

Aedon just looked at his brother for some time. He could think of many more things with which he would like to come back at him; but, for now, he would hold his words and humor him by taking a look inside.

Approaching the great steel doors, Aedon breathed deeply. Then, opening the door, walked inside. He was really ready to hate the place. He was determined to find fault in every room and every corner of the hulking structure. But, instead, and in spite of himself, Aedon found himself smiling and nodding in appreciation.

Where he had expected to see only cold stone and iron doors he was greeted by a fanciful courtyard alive with flowers. Many of the blooms had been given to him as gifts, and had at one time graced the yards of the Knights Rest and Connemara.

There was a magical feeling which he could not help but drink in and savor, in much the same way that he used to enjoy an evening in the Freehold sipping tea with Sage, or talking for hours on end with Elisandra and James. He did not wish to move from the spot lest the spell be broken and he once again found himself facing the cold reality of life. Llyr gently nudged him towards the doors of the inner chambers.

The doors opened with surprising ease, and inside Aedon found himself standing in ‘The Rest’. The furnishings could not be denied, and though the walls were of stone, the tapestries and decorations gave warmth to the room which reminded him of a Bards Night so long ago.

Each hall, through which he walked, held memories and mementos of a life well spent. Some of the folks he had known, who were now gone, and many items that had belonged to the Knights of Yew. As he looked through the Castle he could not help but believe that even Brother Kyriel would be pleased with Llyr’s work.

On a table down one of the halls was one of Aedon’s newest treasures. Stopping, he looked inside the green pouch, and within were a few brightly feathered arrows, and recruitment information for the Rangers of Spiritwood. Every room held some memory, every wall a chance to relive some special day from the past.

As they walked back into the courtyard Aedon turned to face his brother, and though he tried to maintain some composure, though he had an itch in the back of his mind to still take Llyr to task, he could not.

“Well, Aedon,” Llyrs said at last. “Am I fired and to be turned out into the cold?”

Aedon lowered his head and chuckled softly; then, looking back at his older brother, said, “No Llyr, it is what I needed.”

Llyr patted his brother on the shoulder, and headed out the door into the Glade. Aedon stood, for a moment, looking around the courtyard, and then ran out the door behind him shouting;


Llyrwech stopped and turned to look at his brother. He smiled softly, and then offered a quick bow.

“Thank you Llyr, I thought I should thank you. How is it you always know what I really want?”

“Aedon,” Llyr said laughing lightly. “I never really know what you want brother, but I always know what you need.”