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[Imbuing] item base property ?'s


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when crafting armor pieces to imbue, how many points to any of the five resists can that individual resist go over it's base, and still not be considered one the 5 mods? 4pts., or more?
my thought when crafting reg. leather armor pieces this time was: i need to add 2 mods to each piece and raise up 3 resists. leather armor base resists are 2-4-3-3-3. add my 20 extra resists for gm arms lore, and, if spread out perfectly across all 5 spots, would be 6-8-7-7-7. right? and if so, none of the resists would be high enough yet to be considered a mod, correct?
any insight would be great. thanks.

Barry Gibb

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None of the bonus resists (GM exceptional or Arms Lore) get counted as properties for imbuing. Though extremely unlikely, you could have all of your bous resists fall on the same resist type, and it still would not count as a property.

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This is why it is suggested that, when imbuing items that you intend to have several properties plus high resists, that you start the imbue with items that have LOW bonus resists (preferably none at all, but that's unlikely, even with a runic lowering the total bonuses) in a resist(s) you intend to imbue, with the bonuses concentrated in 1 or 2 others.

For example, a leather armor piece has 2/4/3/3/3.

If you want to have a piece that has high Physical, Fire and Poison resist, you'll want to look for pieces with most of the bonuses in 1 or 2 of these, then imbue the others.

A piece that was 6/8/7/7/7 would be the worst possible choice.
One that is 4/14/3/5/6 would be a better choice, as you might be able to use the fire resist as-is, and only lose 4 total of the Exceptional/Lore bonuses from enhancing Physical to 17 and Poison to 18, for 17/14/3/18/6. (leaving 3 more properties to Imbue, plus you can risk enhancing for additional resists)

Now, if you made the item with a runic, you'd lose 9 of the bonus points, but have the chance of the runic resist properties kicking in. In this case, you'd look for runic properties & the exceptional bonus avoiding only 1 of the target resists (preferably the one you need the lowest), and falling into the two others and the other resists.

So, a piece from a horned kit (the best for making items to further imbue) might come out with Mana regeneration 2 (which was one of the properties you wanted - this saves you the imbue costs), and resists 19/18/7/4/6. This ends up being better than what you could imbue for physical, and almost what you would get for max fire resist imbue. You could then use imbuing to raise the Poison (as the 4th property) as high as 18, before placing the other property (provided the weighting allows). Remember that decreasing a property makes it count as an Imbued property.


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thanks to both of you for the replies. i haven't done much imbuing, other than a few weapons so far. crafting armor to imbue seems much more confusing and complicated to get the most bang for your buck. plowing ahead, learning as i go.