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Isildur Gives LoJo the Lowdown!

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

Our inimitable DJ LoJo recently had the opportunity for an IRC interview with Flying Lab Software's Kevin "isildur" Maginn, Lead Designer for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Isildur's comments are as lively and informative as ever :)

I particularly liked this snippet:
DJ_LoJo: Anything special you would like to talk about that is on the horizon for Pirates of the Burning Sea?
[FLS]isildur: I don't want to steal too much of Taelorn's thunder with his upcoming devlogs, but I've been heavily playtesting the new Buccaneer career -- hours each day from now until we launch it on testbed -- and it's great. It's a more complex and difficult career, but feels like it rewards clever play. It's also really nicely distinct from the old Pirate career (now called the Cutthroat).
We're also doing some really cool supernatural stuff in 1.5 that I'm excited to get into your hands. And we're expanding the skirmish system from the current duels out to group PvP, 'battleground' style. In the further future? I'm still super excited about player port governance, and waiting for it to finally pop up on the dev schedule makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. :)
To view the transcript of their meeting, read on!