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"Is the United Pirate Guild a Truly Roll-Play Guild"

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran

May I speak plainly to yas... out of character as it were to all true pirates and landlubbers alike?
The question has arisen friends, as to whether The United Pirate's [UP] are a "Real Role Play Guild?"
Now to be frank, we are NOT as "Hard-Core" as some, ie...CoD and PGoH take it, yet UP has maintained the warring faction aspect/RP pirate language speak in game, and have maintained our Roll-Play Community City if you will since Captain Pike and his first mate Hook established it on the beach at Rad Skull Bay.
Under Captain Trinsic's leadership, and Captain's Hand Blind Tom Pirate, we have maintained the decorum and pride of a "True Roll-Play" Community, sailing our Orc Ships into battlles on the High Seas, raiding seas side villages, and attacking hostile hords in deep dungeons; as well as ocational Black Market Trading nights, and adventures with CoD, PGoH and other communities in Pub-Nights and attending Weddings and the alike in game,
We are an active guild, that has recruited an trained other players in Roll-Play.
All this to say, regardless of what people may think or say? We are still "Alive & Well" at Red Skull Bay and on Catskills to stay!
Your's with affection and sign'd in pirate blood,
Captain's Hand, Blind Tom Pirate [UP] Black Market Proprietor and Forums Contributor