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Is my Enhanced Client Launcher up-to-date, or glitched?


When I click desktop icon to launch Ultima Online the launcher window/screen opens and above the 'Play' and 'Cancel' buttons (lower right side) are four small buttons labeled "Official Site, Account, Support and UO Store"...none of these buttons work. They have not functioned since I reinstalled the game -- have been gone for awhile, having uninstalled quite awhile ago, and do not remember if they worked correctly previously. I've clicked the option to "Perform Full File Check" yesterday and also today, with no changes. At the very bottom of the window is what I presume is the version number...it is

I do not have classic client installed this time. The game launches and plays fine, other than those four buttons on the launcher not functioning. I'm able to access my account, support, the store, etc. via saved links in the browser outside of the launcher. Does the launcher need to be updated separately, or would it have done so when I used the "Perform Full File Check" option? Since the game seems to launch and play correctly, I'm thinking "if it's not broke, don't fix it", as I'd rather not uninstall everything and reinstall just to see if those buttons will work afterwards -- I have a really slow computer/internet connection so the download/install takes a long time.

I'm using Windows 7, on desktop PC, and browser is Chrome -- if any of that makes any difference.

Thank you for your time and assistance.