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Is it time yet?


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Regarding the silence from Devs here, the only thing I can figure is, they must work for weeks and weeks on new publishes, and then once those are pushed out after...don't laugh...testing...then they all take breaks from the game for a few weeks. I can't see them sitting at their desks getting paid to do nothing, so they're either on a break or they only work part time for BS and the rest of their time is spent on other game(s) ? Nothing else makes sense.
There are no "normal" breaks outside of regular US holidays and the time off we have. Once a publish is out the door, we immediately begin working on the next one. This train never stops as they say! Anything anyone has tagged me in over the last couple days has been condensed and sent to QA and if we find issues we will address them in a future publish. Unfortunately I can't respond to each one, as we also receive a ton of emailed feedback as well. E-mail feedback is definitely the best way to make sure something gets looked at. You won't always get a response, but we go through each one. Thanks again everyone for the feedback!