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Is anyone else this UPSET?



So, I'm sure like many other players out there.. the game close was very hard for me. Although (in the end) the game was not my LIFE, i still played it very religiously up till the end. It was my 5th year playing and it definetly had its fair share of time within my life. When I woke up, before i went to bed, every other time of the time i was bored, I played it.

I now find myself with many hours of the day BORED and with nothing to do. I desperatley try to search for a new game, but unfortunatley nothing can fill the place of TSO. I have tried SL on/off for 2 years before TSO even closed.

It's a very hard transition for me to this new life where I don't have the game i've been addicted to for about exactly 5 years now.
I'm just wondering.. is anyone else having this hard of a time? I know I need to just get into the groove of my regular schedule again (after 5 years) but it's very hard. Sometimes in the mornings i still wake up and think "hmm i wonder how much i made from the store last night.." It's pretty hard to get out of bed when i realise there is no store anymore.

Soo.. anyone?!

Renee TSO

Yes!! In fact every time i miss TSO i come here...I would log into the game but ha no such thing. Even at this moment its the hardest. When i couldnt sleep TSO was always there for me...right now would be a very good time for TSO to be there. Lets see...its 340 am right now so i would be hanging at my house playing with the pets waiting for someone to land. Someone ALWAYS lands at this time! Ummm i would say it would be someone from Japan that i would be talking too.(yes many of sleepless night were spent playing TSO)

Another hard thing about it being gone is when i would get board at work, my mind would wonder and i would ALWAYS think about TSO. That always put a smile on my face! In fact most of my best ideas for my sims and houses came from daydreaming at work...now i just sigh alot at work and it FEELS like work. I know i have been driving my cat nuts when i come home now *giggles* I think she misses tso too. When she was a kitten lol she would sit on my lap and bat at the bubbles that went by when a sim would talk

A month before they shut down TSO i reinstalled the sims thinking that would help. It does to a point...it get lonely after awhile. Now im up to the superstar ep. This is a tough ep for me because it reminds me how much i miss TSO. The first time i played superstar i had trouble with it and tired of it quickly...never got very far. I KNEW there was a system to it but i would get to angry and walk away. Now...thanks to years of code(paper chase) geez its so simple. In one week i have a sim that's a 4 star superstar. The other hard part is finding thing that remind me of TSO. For example, in unleashed, when you go into town you can see the palm reader...that makes me think of the mystic trees because she can green you at times. Superstar its code and there was one more that just slips my mind right now.

Since im up to superstar it starts to make me angry. Gosh the objects we could have had!!! Even if they just updated once a month with just ONE new object maybe people wouldn't have left in droves. If i were EA i would have released CC right when everyone was leaving for SL but then if i was EA i would have done so many things different. Ill get off of my soapbox now lol

Everytime i add a different ep to my sims on the back or inside of each box is something that tells me to join TSO and be someone else. Thats very sad for me...all i think about is all the new people i could be meeting right now or people im missing out on. I dont think ANYTHING can take the place of tso but tso...


P.S i have to admit i took great joy the other day when EA gave up on trying to buy Take Two (the people who make GTA) You cant buy everything EA! So in your face *glee* Take two made it clear they weren't for sale! *does happy dance*



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Hmmmm, no not me.
I'd say get a new hobby, read a book, go for a walk, hmmm, even watch CNN.
I've started playing more golf, been camping 4 times this summer, and I'll be leaving for Germany this coming weekend for the Oktoberfest.
I even play WoW once or twice a week now.
TSO's closing in many ways was a good thing for me.



I understand completely.
I come here as well when I am missing it, which is most always. I know what HAS to happen: move on with life, find a hobby like someone said, etc. But it's just not that simple. TSO fit perfectly into my life. I never had any "down/bored" time. If i was home with nothing to do, I could play that for hours and hours and not once get bored. As you said I thought about it frequently throughout the days too, while at school ,work etc. It was something to look forward to coming home to.. I mean I guess i can look forward to coming home to watch TV or a movie.. but it's extremley different.

It literally feels to me like a close friend/family member has died, and it's hard to get over. Although i think about it much less, there are still those "empty" spaces in my life that I just cannot seem to fill with anything else. It seems so silly to read a book when i'm bored because im so used to being able to hop onto a game i love and chatting with the people i love.

It's just extremley hard and although I am starting to find my place in SL, it will never fill the shoes of TSO. Its hard to lose something so quickly after 5 years of playing it straight. Although I knew, like msot others, the game was going downhill a long while before it actually happened, I did not want to admit it. This is just me coping with it, I suppose. I'm glad I am not the only one. I truley wonder how those who owned skill/money houses and who played 15-20 hours a day are dealing with this. I mean, at most I would play 4 hours a time. I just cannot imagine how those are dealing with this.

It's just nice to know I am not the only one who's struggling this much.

Thanks :)


Big Mac

All can do right now is pray that characters in Tirnua will have needs.


hah i very much agree! that game definetly looks like it has a lot of potential to be very fun, it just depends how the developers make it. I do hope it resembles TSO in ways like, greening, making money, etc.

What I liked about TSO, compared to SL, is that i could go on anytime and make money. I didnt need anyone else. (Sure more people jamming = more money, but still) SL requires a wealth of knowledge about the game and overall gaming. Im definetly not one to know anything about any of that, so it's not too easy for me.
Im just praying that Tirnua isn't as hard as SL!!
and that it comes out sorta soooooooon ;)


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If you need help with SL feel free to pop over to our new SL forum and we'll do our best to help you out. SL Forum

As far as TSO goes I do miss my kitty, my park and the people I dont see anymore, but otherwise I'm very happy in SL. If your still looking for a new home try it out again, let one of us know your there and we can add you to a TSO alumni group where you will get plenty of assistance learning the ropes, not to mention reconnecting with some old friends. Its not as hard to learn as it seems.


thanks so much for the hopeful post!
i am for sure interested in contiuing my life in SL, i am just so overwhelmed by it all. i struggle even meeting new people, it seems like everyone i try to talk to is always soooo busy and just walks away or keeps working. but i will for sure add you, as of now I dont really have anyone to show me any of the ropes.. maybe thats why its so hard!
what's your name?


Thanks very much. :)
I will add ya next time i'm on.


Anyone else having any difficulties dealing with the closing of TSO?
If so please feel free to post something, I would love to discuss any emotions that other players are experiencing!
I try to check the forum every day and would love to chat with any old TSO players!



Well yeah of course I was upset.

but like 2 years ago my biggest concern would have been what people were saying about me on an internet forum that - hell i dont know if it even exists anymore.

now my biggest concerns are my family and my friends and school work and learning new things. i try to learn new things every day!!!!!!

i used to rely on caffeine to numb me from the incoming day but i've quit my caffeine intake - i've been caffeine free for just about 2 days and boy don't i feel a little better!

caffeine would make me all nervous and jumpy and it would always be really hot even if the temperature was like 70 degrees F. I'm kinda withdrawal effects right now but that will pass.

I'll see if that makes me less jumpy. I am thinking of detoxing to get all of the crap out of my body too.

i gotta remember my diet. i love to eat new things...i'll eat pretty much anything!! but i have to remember what I NEED too...sooo...

i am also dating someone right now but i dont know how that will work out...i've dated most people and nothing really seems to work out. maybe i wasn't destined for love >laughs<

school, nothing but a's and b's. there are some people i wish would just shut up but like that's never gonna happen >sigh< lol

i really can't recall anything to be UPSET about atm, no...but im sure something will happen :) :O


you know thats very true, i guess i never really thought of it like that.
i'm also a student and this has turned out to be a very hard year in terms of classes and i don't know what i would do if the only thing i could think about was TSO; that would have been a huge struggle.

It really has given me so much more time to focus on my friends and family i guess i just never really thought of it like that. i know its a good thing to be rid of it just because it consumed so much of my life, and at this point in my life it should just be about friends/homework/family.

Although i miss it i know it will get easier with time, i just need to remember how lucky i really am that i dont have that silly addiction hanging over my head 24/7. I miss it a lot but now i can actually focus on my REAL life.

When i bought this game i would have never though in 1000000000 years that it would have had this much of an impact on me. I mean i played it for 5 years sure thats a long time, but i mean really.. i will have the memories from that game for the rest of my life. I'm so happy i at least had the chance to experience it.

but now its just time to move on

- PippY