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IRC Stratics: Use it!



A good tool for guilds and communities in any MMORPG is an mIRC channel. What is mIRC? It's simply a large-scale chat program: it allows hundreds or even thousands of people to be in the same channel interacting with each other.

With Warhammer Online being a very guild and community oriented MMO, IRC helps to promote realm pride. The Volkmar community channel has helped guilds on the same faction feel each other out for potential alliances and has also been phenomenal in enabling interaction with the opposing realm. You may remember IRC Stratics hosting Warhammer's first House of Commons earlier in the year.

That being said, Stratics has an IRC server that is free to use for anyone who wants it. We encourage guilds and communities to set up channels to to promote quality gameplay and a way for different groups to interact with each other. It's an awesome way to distribute information or waste time on whether you're actually playing Warhammer or if you're at work and school.

Download mIRC at http://mirc.com/, it's free to use.

To connect to the Stratics IRC server:
1. Go to your mIRC Options. (It should come up once the program is started)
2. Click on Servers under the Connect submenu.
3. Click Add.
4. Type anything into the Description field (i.e. Stratics)
In the IRC Server type in: irc.stratics.com
5. Click Add.
6. Go back to the Connect submenu and press the Connect button.

To register your nickname:
Once you're connected to the server you can make a new nickname. I recommend using one with your guild tag in it (i.e. bM`Noun, [bM]Noun, etc.). It is extremely important to register and identify yourself, without doing so you cannot receive permissions to any channel.
1. To change your nickname, the command is "/nick <name>". (Carrot brackets should not be in the actual command.)
2. To register your nickname, the command is "/msg NickServ register <password>".
3. To identify your nickname, the command is "/msg NickServ identify <password>".

You should also put the identify command into your perform list. The perform list is simply a list of commands that are conveniently executed whenever you connect to an IRC server. You can access your perform list by doing this:
1. Click Tools --> Options
2. Go down to the Options under the Connect submenu.
3. Click "Connect on Startup".
4. Click Perform and check "Perform on Connect".
5. Enter in whatever commands you would like in your perform list. This should include your identify command and whatever channels you regularly idle. (To join a channel, the command is "/join <#channelname>".

To register a new channel:
1. Join a channel that has not been registered. (You can usually tell that it's not registered if it doesn't have a ChanServ in it.)
2. Once you're in an unregistered channel as an identified nickname, type "/msg ChanServ REGISTER <#channelname> <password> <description>". Guild channels and community channels should be identified as so in the description space.

To distribute permissions:
Different permissions allow different things. OPs (@) have complete control over the channel, meaning they can kick or ban anyone with a lower access level than they have. Voice (+) will be able to speak when the channel is in a +m mode. A user with no permissions is not able to speak if a channel in +m mode.

The command to distribute permissions is, "/msg ChanServ access <#channelname> add <nickname> <level>".

The different levels are as follows:
Access level 1 :
Inviting yourself if the Channel is set to +i invite-only. This mode is covered later in the guide
Access level 5 :
Level 1 features and will be granted auto-voice +v by ChanServ.
Access level 10:
Level 1,5 features, will be granted auto-op +o by ChanServ, access to normal Channel Operator Commands.
Access level 20:
Level 1,5,10 features and access to Akick. No permission to modify the Access List.
Access level 30:
Level 1,5,10,20 features and ability to modify the Access List.

Only identified users are able to be given permissions.

If you require further assistance:
The channel #irc-help is available for any questions.

Also, send me a message (/msg bm`noun <msg>) if you need any help with anything IRC related. Hope to see you guys floating around the server.

Idle & Support

A side note:
If any member of the other Warhammer servers want to start a community IRC channel for your server, I'd recommend using the guidelines and layout we have for Volkmar's.



There is a guide on how to start your channels at Stratics IRC
Tou can find it here