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(Player Event) Invincible Armada Event


Stratics Veteran
Hello All ! Now are almost 4 weeks that rising tide event is up and probably most of people tried the new system of fighting with ships and cannons. So i tought that maybe we can have a shard event on the sea.
This is my idea:
All know that lately Vesper town reclaimed the moongate of Minoc and minocian citizens aren't happy of that... So why don't fight for it also on the sea? :D (remember that is just RP and so please keep everything inside the RP limits without personal attacks)...
The event will work in this way:
  1. We'll choice a secluded area where fight (i already found a couple of spot that can be good: one in lost land and one in felucca. I'll post pics laters if the event will be interesting for people)
  2. There will be 2 team: one for minoc and one for vesper... Each team will have ship colored with same colour so will be easier find the enemy. The 2 governors of town will be on a ship alone and that ship will be the flagship of the team
  3. The purpose of the event will be sink the flagship of the enemy team
  4. Everyone can join one team or the other and if someone is neutral can be "hired" from one team for the event (and that mean only for this time)
  5. It's forbidden change team during the fight
  6. It will be a RP event but also a PVP event... I'm always for the no looting rule but i think it's a problem keep control of that. So my idea is to just wear basic suit and nothing fancy. In case it's something you all like, as USWP guild we can provide a basic 100 LRC suit for caster and a basic suit with 42 stamina for melee.
  7. The event will finish when one of the flagship will be sunk and the governor captured
  8. The prizes for the event will be a shirt for all partecipants, a set of 5 mythical cargo for the winner city and a special wood carving ship for the governor of the town that will win.
It's just an example of rules and if someone has suggestions we can add others. Just please remember that it's an event to have fun together so keep everything easy :D
For date: first we have still to set up everything and then i have to speak with the 2 governors to find a good day for both. And also we have to choice a good day for most of people because we need team enough balance (10 ship agaist 2 isn't nice lol)... My idea is always saturday before EM event but if for people it's better sunday we can do that.
Now it's your turn Citizens of Siege... Tell me what you think :D

P.s. With the help of people we are also collecting white nets for a public hunt agaist Osiredon... But we think that probably it's better wait for news about revamps of Mibs and Treasure maps ( maybe there will be some changes also for loot table of that monster :p )

Victim of Siege

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I'll take any opportunity to kill and loot the filthy citizens of Vesper I can get!
It's the unwashed Minocians you gotta watch out for. they get stuck under the hooves of your horse and smell worse than their dung. remind me of Lizardmen, but dumber.

Bo Bo

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Nobody has contacted the King Captain to pilot a ship for them. The King Captain is the best at sinking ships! Whoever offers the finest booty will have the services of the King Captain..