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Investigating Zedland Lake (Active RP Storyline)

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Investigating Zedland Lake
Zedland City, Malas
By: Merik

Many have heard the rumors of a creature or creatures living within Zedland Lake. These stories have been told and retold for years. Now local fishermen really have a story to tell. A local fisher vessel was destroyed this past weekend by an unknown creature. A SHE Auction house customer claims to have seen the creature during the late night auction. These are their stories.

"Our fishing trip was going very well and we had just pulled in what would have been a 200lb fish at least. Once we got it on board it was only half a fish!!! Next thing we knew water flew up and our ship was struck violently. Next thing I remember I was at the local Bloodletter's in Umbra City."

Now I want you to know that although I had spent some time bent over a vat stirring our latest brew I had not had one drop but what I saw last night was more frightening then what fills our minds in an intoxicated hallucination. Even the heavy mist that hung over the lake could not mask the monstrous shape and glowing eyes of the beast. If I had not gone to the SHE auction house, I would not have been witness to such a horrific sight one which will haunt my dreams forever. -Midnight Moon of [email protected]

The Ethereal Void Imperium has requested to enter Zedland boarders with a surveillance team to confirm the reports and study the creature. All findings will be shared with Zedland officials. They also request for them to have two armed military officials for protection of the team should anything go wrong. Zedland officials responded to the request quickly. Rivi Ravenwynd dispatched a formal message to the Imperium.