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Introductions please...Tell us about who you are and what you do?

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Ahoy matey, ther be No "Black Spots fer this here scum bag and braggart, whose crew he sails with, make ther home at "Red Skull Bay." You'll find him amongst the pirates ther... them that drink ale and tell stories at the Jolly Roger Inn, Red Skull Bay, next to the Black Market wher he plys his trade as merchant.
Look ye ther mate for Blind Tom, alias ( Capt. Jack Black,) [UP]
Bragging rights
a one eyed scurvy dog and feared on all the seven seas!
Proprietor and Merchant, as it were of the pirate's Black Market, Red Skull Bay.
Pirating, making deals, sailin' me ship, drinkin' pints ans chasin' wenchs...arrr.
  • The United Pirate's Black Market, Red Skull Bay
    Proprietor, 2004 - present
    Bartering; selling me wears; and trading me wears with other pirates ans with landlubbers alike mates.
  • Manin' cannons as needed on me mates ships
Now be yer turn mates. Tell me and me readers on this here page, who you be and what it is you do in UO?
I be ever so much abliged. *spits his tabacco on spitoony!* har, har.
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