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Introducing Stratics Pro


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Syrus our Director of Content has made a post in the Stratics Central section about a new program called "Stratics Pro". You can read the original post here Introducing Stratics Pro | Stratics Forums or the copied version below.

Stratics is pleased to announce the launch of Stratics Pro. Stratics Pro is an account upgrade that allows users to support our development, and subsequently allows us to treat these users to some unique perks. Additionally, we are excited to offer a separate upgrade that will allow users to select a custom user title.

Stratics Pro

Stratics Pro accounts feature the following advantages:
  • No Ads
  • User Blog
  • Bypass Flood Check (No Delay Between Posts, Searches, etc.)
  • 5x Larger Inbox (Up to 5,000 Conversations)
  • 8x Larger Avatar Size (Up to 400 kb)
  • Rotating Signatures (Up to 3 Signatures)
  • Special Badge
  • Conversation Upgrades
    • 4x More Conversation Participants (Up to 20)
    • 10x Longer Conversation Editor Time (Up to 20 Minutes)
    • Create Conversation Groups/Aliases (e.g., BFFs, Guild Mates)
    • Create Auto-Respond Messages (e.g., Vacation Notice)
    • Create Conversation Prefixes (e.g., Buying, Selling)
We are currently offering four unique payment methods, including 6-month and 12-month upgrades that automatically expire, as well as 6-month and 12-month subscriptions that will automatically renew until cancelled. Additional details may be viewed on the Account Upgrades page.

Custom User Titles

This upgrade entitles users to a one-time user title change. User titles are limited to 50 characters by XenForo. Custom user titles are subject to Stratics' Rules of Conduct. Please note that this is a distinct upgrade from Stratics Pro.

All account upgrades may be viewed and purchased by clicking the “Upgrades” tab in the top navigation menu. Alternatively, you may click here to be redirected to the Account Upgrades page.