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Introducing Shadow Wind



Allow me to introduce Shadow Wind. I’ve begged her to tell me her real name but she won’t do it. All she’ll say is “From the time I could walk I followed my brother everywhere he went. My parents called me his Shadow. That’s all you need to know.” I’ll let you hear the rest in her own words.

Lord British? I’m glad the ******* is gone! Everybody wants to love him but not me. I hate his landlubber arse! My father was a fisherman, my mother an excellent seamstress and my brother had dreams of mapping the unknown parts of the world. We had a small home with the sea to one side of us and a forest to the other. We lived a simple life and were happy that way.

One day, while we were gone to Trinsic to sell our wares, an order from Lord British’s court was nailed to our door. Our land, our home, was being seized for the greater good of Britannia it said. What greater good? That ******* British wanted to expand his Royal Hunting Grounds! You don’t read about that in the history books do you? Oh no, nothing to smudge the name of Lord British the Coward! My brother and I took our father’s ship and cast off when the Royal Guards came to seize our land by force. Before long my mother dragged herself out of the tree line covered in blood screaming “The Guards have killed him! Sail! Sail away now!” An arrow came from the woods and took my mother from me.

My brother and I went to the only place we felt the Coward British couldn’t find us. The seas. I grew up with the salt air in my hair and the water around me. Living that way you learn that an unsecured boat was waiting for you to plunder it and that merchants shipping wares by sea were willing to pay a safe passage fee, usually.

It was a life of adventure and my brother was drawing the maps he had dreamed of. It was a fine life until the Coward British commissioned a Navy to begin patrolling the seas. The bastards caught us in the bay of Buccaneer’s Den. They took our ship and my brother. I managed to go over the side and swim to shore. I hid in the trees there until their sails went over the horizon.

I patched up an old fishing boat I found on the South side of the island and survived on the fruits, vegetables and fish from the waters around the island over the next few months. Now I sail the seas looking for ships to plunder, merchant vessels to acquire, royal cowards to drown and my brother.

Schuyler Bain

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ahoy Traveler! Tis always good to see a veteran return to these waters.

*tips tricorn towards the she-pirate*


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Too funny! I really hope there comes a day when a Pirate Expansion happens because there seems to be a strong passion for it amongst the UO Playerbase as can be seen by this sub-forum.

If they do it right (Pirate Expansion)and make it large it could be the best expansion UO has ever done and I think it would be a draw for the game.

Especially with all this Pirates of the Carribean over the last few years...people saw how successful those movies were and they are currently filming another.

I just poke my head in from time to time and always leave with a laugh and a smile on my face. :thumbup1: