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Interview: Results


Stratics Veteran
Q: We had heard rumors that Disney's ToonTown Online did not create the Field Offices, Is that true?
A: The Field Offices are Official Toontown areas that were created by the Toontown Team.
(cont.) We had heard that Schell Games created them, or at least helped.
A:We are not familiar with that Organization.

Q: I have seen some toons report sightings of toons appearing at their estate (not friends) claiming to be toontown employees. Is ToonTown really sending reps to toon's houses?
A: If we do any Moderating, the Guest will be notified.
(cont.)We wouldn't enter a Toon's Home without notification.

Q: Okay, do you think it could have been a hacker?
A: I'm not familiar with a situation like that.

Q:Do you, yourself help develop any of ToonTown's content? If so, do you enjoy it?
A: Haha. While I cannot say exactly what I do here, I can say that I really do enjoy Toontown. It's always been a fun place for me to make Toon Friends and pass the time throwing some Pies at mean Cogs!

Q: Do you know what might be coming to toontown, Cog wise?
A: You'll have to keep an eye peeled to the Toon News for that one.

That is our interview. I am sorry if anyone feels that some of the answers were unsatisfactory, but we have to thank them for their time. I hope that may answer some of your questions about ToonTown! By the way, I asked about the under construction street in Chip 'n Dale's. Here was the response:
Haha. Some say that the Under Construction sign is what's under construction.


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
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Quick response. Sounds like Toontown has a very responsive customer service staff. Awesome!