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Interesting....EM Champ Spawn event this Saturday

John Knighthawke

Stratics Veteran
I'm posting this here because I fear people may miss it (looks like it was just posted this very day, early), but it looks like there's an EM Champ Spawn event this Saturday, going all day.

(Now here's the information copied and pasted from that link.)

-John's player

Strike by the Fellowship Army Imminent!
Calling all warriors and mages!

Rangers protecting the city of Britain have tracked the Fellowship army into the Serpent's Spine near Wind. The army is camped there and preparing to strike again against Britannia. It is believed the brutal Fellowship enforcer Elizabeth is leading the enemy there. The Royal Guard has called for aid to defeat this threat.


1. The event will take place Saturday, July 25, 2020. It will be available all day, from 9 a.m. CDT to server down, in the mountain paths around Wind.

2. The event will be a Champion Spawn featuring creatures assembled by the Fellowship and led by the Cruel Twin herself.

3. To attend, go to the Counselor Hall in West Britain and climb the rope ladder.