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Inscription BOD rewards


I searched around a little and couldn't find an answer, but sorry if this has already been covered.

What is the best use of the spellbook improvement talisman? Is it best for scrappers or regular spellbooks?

Is it even worth the 500 points at all? I'm also curious what kind of improvements are added to the scrapper. I tried to find a list of potential upgrades but couldn't find anything.

Grace of Minoc

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Use it for Scrappers.

The improvement added could be some LRC, or something fabulous like a slayer you have been wanting. It can also give you a Scrappers with more than one mod. Just a guarantee to get one extra than if you did not use the Talisman.

I used up two of the Talismans. The only one that made me happy was a Dragon Slayer one. But it is quite possible I could have made one without the Talisman.

The only guarantee is you won't get a plain Scrappers.


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You get the same properties as you can get on regular spellbooks, other than the ones a Scrapper already has at an equal or greater value than the max craftable property for a spellbook (which, IIRC, the max intensity for spellbooks is 80%). Comparing the base Scrappers to the list of magic item properties from the uo.com wiki, and the ones possible on spellbooks....

Possible bonus properties for a Scrapper's Compendium would be:

  • Magery-related skills up to +12 (Magery, Eval, Med, Resist Spells, possibly 1 or 2 others)
  • LRC up to 16%
  • Slayers
  • INT Bonus (up to +6)
  • Mana Increase (up to +6)
  • (Theoretically possible, but I've never seen - FCR 2 instead of the scrappers' base FCR 1)