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[Selling] Insane caddellite pvp-able Kryss and Hatchet

They are worth something to someone. Antique just means it loses durability faster and can only be repaired 3 times to 200, 150, and 100. Somebody will still get a ton of blood with these. *bump


Seasoned Veteran
worth something - the kryss has harm which is less desirable than say fireball or lightning so maybe a mil at best. 20% splint 50% lightning weps are kind of cheap as is. plus it's usefulness as a pvm is greatly reduced because it has splinter.

it's very hard to find solid items without antique so you cant knock them because of that property

my 2 cents


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Only the kryss is splinter...so the other one is worthless. The kryss is antique and is nothing fancy... You can find a better kryss that's not antique. It's not worth your time. If it was Splinter 50% hit lighting and Hit lower D... Then maybe it would be worth something... Don't believe me? Post in general trading and see for yourself. But it's junk. Sorry mate.