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Lake Superior In Memory of Zooithion of BoE


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I have just discovered that a long time guild mate and dearest friend of 22 years had passed away unexpectedly. He was such a kind and gentle soul and will be sorely missed. He was the official guild tamer for many many years and had gm'd taming and then 120 taming the old fashion way. He was the calm in the storm when things would go haywire. He spent countless hours taming Cu's, collecting zoogie and getting pet balls and bags of sending and absolutely loved to mine. He marched to his own drum and never harmed a mongbat who didn't bite him first. He was the Director of the IT department for the company he worked for and had his Master’s Degree in Music. UO Life will have a big empty spot in it.



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Handsome lad. I offer my condolences and sympathy for his passing. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of knowing him, but I recall seeing him around throughout the years. Had I known he actually had a degree in music, I definitely would've made my acquaintance being the aspiring musician that I am. It's always a dark day when someone you've known throughout your life is suddenly gone. But despite this cast shadow, he'll always live on through memory of his family and friends. He's gone physically, but he'll always be with you. His insight; the memories you had together, they'll never leave. Remember him for the amazing man that he was.