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Great Lakes In Memory of Tas from Great Lakes

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Tas was an amazing guy. He was the founder and guild leader of the Good Guys guild (GGs), which was know for helping good players. He was also know for his home, the GGs Rares Repository, which still stands inside the walls of Luna next to the eastern gate along with the GGs Jolly Roger Ship Shop.

Tas was absolutely selfless in game, often giving away millions of gps to those who needed it. He was a member of the beta team for the original UO and has been quoted as saying that "He would be on Great Lakes as long as there was UO."

Tas passed away about 6 months ago, but his legend still lives on. His son (who does not play UO) has been keeping up Tas's accounts because he knows how much UO meant to him. The vendors may not get restocked, but his houses still stand as a testimonial of Tas's love of the game.

When I returned to the game in 2004 after a two year break, Tas helped me get right back into the swing of things. I remembered him from before and right away he helped my find a house and learn all about the new lands (Ilshenar). He was such a good guy that when a guild member was having financial trouble in real life, he helped him out by sending him money.

Tas was an amazing guy and I know that I, along with all of Great Lakes, will never forget him.

Tas's real name was Roger and I hope that where ever he is, Roger is happy and playing UO.

As the book on his porch says:

**Ring Bell for Tas**


It seems that Ultima Online has missed Tas as much as the players of Great Lakes have.

Because of the recent bug involving character statutes coming "alive", Tas has been spotted wandering around Luna. His Jade character statue has been seen by many wandering within the walls of Luna in a sad, but touching final march. If not for the statue's distinct jade coloring I would have sworn it was him as the statue dons Tas's traditional white outfit and headdress.

I don't know if these walking statues will be deleted or returned to their spots, but until then keep an eye out for a jade green Tas strolling along the Luna roads. If you didn't get the chance, now you can say goodbye to the man who touched the lives of so many people.


I just returned to the game after about 6 years away. The first thing I did after checking what characters I still had was hit the Rares Repository rune simply marked "Tas", then checked the GGs guild hall and then the hunting lodge. I was thrilled to see he was still there... then I come across this thread :(

I first met Rog (his other "main" character) my first day in the game many years before that. He took me on a tour of his tower that served as the GGs guild hall at the time. He explained to me how he had the building set up to help new players learn different skills. His entire guild was based around helping new players.

Later, he went on to help start the UO Counselor program. He was selfless in his efforts to help people enjoy the game. Last time I came back (2005-2006), I ran across him at the Rares Repository. He dropped what he was doing, talked to me about some of the recent changes, took me out hunting to help me get the hang of it again and gave me a tour of his many homes... literally spending several hours out of his day just to get me back up to speed and make sure I had what I needed to get going again.

Roger, you will be missed. You truly were one of the Good Guys.

Sol-Leks (Ryan)


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hard to lose one of us :sad4:
*rings a bell*